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Coqui Frogs

A Hands-on Guide to Hawaiʻi’s Coqui Frogs

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Grade Level: 4th Grade

Coqui frogs are an invasive species to Hawaiʻi that were first introduced in the late 1980's from their native home in Puerto Rico. Since that time their populations have drastically increased due to the ideal climate conditions provided by Hawaiʻi Island. This curriculum uses hands-on activities to promote student knowledge and awareness of the impacts caused by invasive species like the coqui frog in Hawaiʻi.

Coqui frog eggsCoqui frog eggs

Coqui frog on eggsCoqui frog on eggs

These are supplementary lessons on the invasive Coqui Frog.

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The Coqui Frog supplementary unit was created by Raymond McGuire.