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Quick Facts

Funding agency: National Science Foundation
Funding period: September 1, 2018 - August 31, 2023
Program award year: September 1 through August 31 annually
Founded: The Islands of Opportunity Alliance (IOA) is an 11-partner alliance founded in 2005.

1. Students must be enrolled at an IOA campus.
2. Students must be an underrepresented minority (URM) student (based on ethnicity). Preference is given to students of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) heritage.
3. Students must declare or intend to declare to pursue a STEM degree or a related field with a focus on Indigenous STEM (such as Hawaiian Studies with a focus on Mālama ʻĀina).

Program Requirements:
1. Students must engage in a research experience.
2. Students must participate in STEM Learning Community activities.
3. Students must present at the annual IOA Student Symposium.
4. Students must complete an evaluation survey each semester.

Please visit your campus' page below and learn more about applying to an IOA STEM Learning Community.

Welcome to our Islands of Opportunity
Alliance campuses!

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American Samoa Community College (ASCC)

Talofa Lava!

ASCC logo

American Samoa flag

ASCC campus

Our Mission: The mission of the American Samoa Community College is to foster successful student learning by providing high quality educational programs and services that will enable students to achieve their educational goals and to contribute to the social, cultural, political, economic, technological, and environmental well-being of American Samoa.

Name Position Email Phone #
Dr. Rosevonne Makaiwi-Pato President +1 (684) 699-9155 ext. 407
Letupu Moananu Principal Investigator +1 (684) 699-9155 ext. 414
Dr. Randel DeWees Campus Coordinator +1 (684) 699-9155 ext. 358
Raijeli Toanivere Science Lab Technician +1 (684) 699-9155 ext 1252
Dr. Eric Brown Advisory Board
Dr. Joe LaPlante Advisory Board
Valerie Brown Advisory Board
Dustin Snow Advisory Board

Join Our Soʻo Le Fau I Le Fau STEM Learning Community!

For more information, please contact Dr. Randel DeWees at and Raijeli Toanivere at!

Chaminade University of Honolulu (CUH)


CUH logo

Hawaiʻi flag

CUH students

Our Mission: Chaminade University offers its students an education in a collaborative learning environment that prepares them for life, service and successful careers. Guided by its Catholic, Marianist and liberal arts educational traditions, Chaminade encourages the development of moral character, personal competencies, and a commitment to build a just and peaceful society. The University offers both the civic and church communities of the Pacific region its academic and intellectual resources in the pursuit of common aims.

Name Position Email Phone #
Dr. Lance Askildson Provost +1 (808) 735-4825 ext. 4825
Dr. Helen Turner Co-Principal Investigator, IOA-LSAMP
& Principal Investigator, Hoʻoulu +1 (808) 739-8399
Dr. Chrystie Naeole Campus Coordinator +1 (808) 739-8551

College of the Marshall Islands (CMI)


CMI logo

Marshall Islands flag

19th CMI Foundation Day

Our Mission: The College of the Marshall Islands will provide our community with access to quality, higher and further educational services, prioritize student success through engagement in relevant Academic, Career and Technical Education, and be a center for the study of Marshallese Culture. It will also provide intellectual resources and facilitate research specific to the needs of the nation.

Name Position Email Phone #
Dr. Irene Taafaki President +(692) 625-3394
Stevenson Kotton Principal Investigator +(692) 625-3394
Hatty Kabua Campus Coordinator +(692) 625-3391
Kendal Romany Campus Co-Coordinator

Join Our Ri-Meto STEM Learning Community!

For more information, please contact Hatty Kabua at or Kendal Romany at!

College of Micronesia-FSM (COM-FSM)

Mogethin! Ran Annim! Kaselel! Paing Kom!

COM-FSM logo

Federated States of Micronesia flag

COM-FSM students

Our Mission: The College of Micronesia-FSM is a learner-centered institution of higher education that is committed to the success of the Federated States of Micronesia by providing academic and career & technical educational programs characterized by continuous improvement and best practices.

Name Position Email Phone #
Manny Mori Interim President
Peltin Olter-Pelep Principal Investigator & Campus Coordinator +(691) 320-2480 ext. 159
Karen Simion
David Brian Lynch Professor, Marine Science Program +(691) 320-2480 ext. 225

Join Our 4-Stars STEM Scholars Learning Community!

For more information, please contact Peltin Olter-Pelep at!

Guam Community College (GCC)

Hafa Adai!

GCC logo

Guam flag

GCC campus

Our Mission: Guam Community College is a leader in career and technical workforce development, providing the highest quality, student-centered education and job training for Micronesia.

Name Position Email Phone #
Dr. Mary Okada President +1 (671) 735-5700
Dr. A. Jay Sunga Principal Investigator & Campus Coordinator +1 (671) 735-5600

Join Our Patte mo’na I Tiningo’ STEM Learning Community!

For more information, please contact Dr. A. Jay Sunga at!

Hawaiʻi Pacific University (HPU)


HPU logo

Hawaiʻi flag

HPU students and campus

Our Mission: Hawaiʻi Pacific University is an international learning community set in the rich cultural context of Hawaiʻi. Students from around the world join us for an American education built on a liberal arts foundation. Our innovative undergraduate and graduate programs anticipate the changing needs of the community and prepare our graduates to live, work, and learn as active members of a global society.

Name Position Email Phone #
Dr. Jennifer F. Walsh Vice President & Provost 1 (808) 544-0216
Dr. Brenda Jensen Principal Investigator +1 (808) 236-3533
Dr. Barbara Quimby Campus Coordinator
Cynthia Thurlow Research Administrator +1 (808) 544-0893

Join Our Okoʻa Eilm Technalugy Ingeniería Kuentas Hui STEM Learning Community!

For more information, please contact Dr. Barbara Quimby at!

Northern Marianas College (NMC)

Hafa Adai! Tirow!

NMC logo

NMI flag

NMC students

Our Mission: Northern Marianas College, through its commitment to student learning, provides high quality, affordable and accessible educational programs and services for the individual and people of the Commonwealth.

Name Position Email Phone #
Dr. Galvin Deleon Guerrero Interim President
Velma Deleon Guerrero Principal Investigator
& Campus Coordinator +1 (670) 237-6740/6861
David Benavente Advisory Board
Dr. Verendra Verma Advisory Board
Dr. Laura Taylor Advisory Board
Kelsey McClellan Advisory Board
Michael C. Tenorio Advisory Board

Join Our Hatsa STEM Learning Community!

For more information, please contact Velma Deleon Guerrero at!

Palau Community College (PCC)


PCC logo

Palau flag

PCC faculty attending a workshop at Ngarchamayong Cultural Center (August 4-5, 2016)

Our Mission: Palau Community College is an accessible public educational institution helping to meet the technical, academic, cultural, social, and economic needs of students and communities by promoting learning opportunities and developing personal excellence.

Name Position Email Phone #
Patrick Tellei Co-Principal Investigator, IOA-LSAMP & President, PCC
Vernice Yuzi Principal Investigator & Campus Coordinator

Join Our Mesekiu STEM Learning Community!

For more information, please contact Vernice Yuzi at!

University of Guam (UOG)

Flag of Guam Hafa Adai!

UOG logo

Guam flag

UOG campus

Ina, Deskubre, Setbe
To Enlighten, to Discover, to Serve

Our Mission: The University of Guam empowers the region by uniting island wisdom with universal sources of enlightenment to support exceptional education, discovery, and service that respect and benefit local and global communities.

Name Position Email Phone #
Dr. Thomas W. Krise Co-Principal Investigator +1 (671) 735-2990
Kristina Sayama Principal Investigator & Campus Coordinator +1 (671) 735-2054
Dr. Frank Camacho Research Experiences Coordinator +1 (671) 735-2835

Join Our I Hale’ta STEM Learning Community!

For more information, please contact Kristina Sayama at!

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (UHM)


UHM logo

Hawaiʻi flag

UH Mānoa rocketry team racks up awards at national competition

Our Mission:

Name Position Email Phone #
Kelli Ching Campus Coordinator & Director, NHSEMP +1 (808) 956-7954
Brennon Morioka Dean, College of Engineering +1 (808) 956-7727

Join Our Native Hawaiian Science & Engineering Mentorship Program (NHSEMP)!

For more information, please visit the official NHSEMP website!

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo (UH Hilo)


UH Hilo logo

Hawaiʻi flag

Keaholoans sharing knowledge of the program and research with visiting high schoolers at PacYES

ʻAʻohe pau ka ʻike i ka hālau hoʻokahi
One learns from many sources

Our Mission: The purpose of our university ʻohana (family) is to challenge students to reach their highest level of academic achievement by inspiring learning, discovery and creativity inside and outside the classroom. Our kuleana (responsibility) is to improve the quality of life of the people of Hawaiʻi, the Pacific region and the world.

Name Position Email Phone #
Bonnie D. Irwin Principal Investigator, IOA-LSAMP +1 (808) 932-7348
Joseph Genz Program Director, IOA-LSAMP
& Co-Principal Investigator, UH Hilo +1 (808) 932-7267
Axel Defngin Program Manager, IOA-LSAMP +1 (808) 932-7969
Keala Campbell Campus Coordinator + 1 (808) 932-7274
Gail Makuakane-Lundin Advisory Board
Juvik Sonia Advisory Board
Drew Kapp Advisory Board +1 (808) 932-7254
Rebecca "Becky" Ostertag Advisory Board +1 (808) 932-7573
Sharon Ziegler-Chong Advisory Board +1 (808) 932-7981
Nalu O'Connor Advisory Board +1 (808) 932-7986

Join Our Keaholoa STEM Scholars Program!

For more information, please visit the official Keaholoa website!