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IOA-LSAMP Alliance Members, University of Guam

As a recipient of funding through the University of Hawaii at HiloÔÇÖs [Islands of OpportunityÔÇöLSAMP] grant, UOG is pleased to be able to grow our research capabilities and play an active role in building regional interest and success in the STEM fields. . . . When minority populations are engaged and supported to excel, the global population benefits as a whole

ÔÇöThomas W. Krise in UOG press release.

L-R: Cheryl R. Sangueza, Thomas W. Krise, Rachael Leon Guerrero, Ross Miller
(From left) Cheryl R. Sangueza, assistant professor of secondary education at UOG, who will jointly lead research efforts for a segment of the newly awarded IOA-LSAMP grant; Thomas W. Krise, president of UOG and co-principal investigator for the grant; Rachael Leon Guerrero, interim director of Research and Sponsored Programs at UOG and member of the grantÔÇÖs governing board; and Ross Miller, a professor of entomology at UOG who will serve as the LSAMP campus coordinator.