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National Association of LSAMP Alumni (NALA)

Established to unite LSAMP Alumni nationwide to create a diverse STEM community that is well poised to provide support to current undergraduate students. For more, go to: National Association of LSAMP Alumni.

NAPIRE (Native American and Pacific Islander Research Experience)

The NAPIRE program introduces undergraduate students to scientific research by making them responsible for completing a research project. Students are supported to this end by giving them their basic living needs (travel, room and board), guidance by a Research Mentor, Home Mentor and OTS staff, a small budget for supplies, and a venue for presenting the Research results, the NAPIRE Symposium. All this takes place in Costa Rica, in the beautifully conserved biological stations of OTS. For more about this program, please watch their promotional video.

For program dates, deadlines, and detailed information, please visit

Student Activities

Student Spotlight: From STEM Student to Olympic Sprinter!

On July 31, 2021, IOA-LSAMP Environmental/Marine Studies student Adrian Ililau of Palau Community College competed in the 100m sprint race at the Tokyo Summer Olympics, achieving a personal best time of 11.43. Afterwards he stated,

“It was a tough race, and I’m just glad I got this Olympic experience making this my Olympic debut. I’m glad to be running alongside all these great athletes” > (Pacific Daily News).

IOA-LSAMP recognizes with pride Adrian's accomplishment on the track as well as in the STEM lab. Just before competing in the Olympics Adrian completed the Internship and Field Studies Program at the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC). The research he produced during his internship is included in the 2021 IOA-LSAMP Student Conference.

IOA-LSAMP sends a hearty congratulations to Adrian, his mentors Victor Nestor and Vernice Yuzi, and our Palau Community College partner!