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Required Reporting


To be completed by Alliance partners

  • WebAMP reporting deadline: February annually

To submit a report, go to: LSAMP Annual Survey

Report on:

  • Student STEM enrollment
  • LSAMP student data
  • LSAMP participating faculty data
  • LSAMP activities: detailed description of activities corresponding to campus plan and IOA objectives

Annual Report

To be completed by Alliance Partners & Project Director

  • Reporting period September 1 - August 31 annually. Deadline: TBA

Report on:

  • Accomplishments
  • Impacts
  • Products
  • Challenges and Changes

Final Report

To be completed by Alliance partners & Project Director

  • Final reports deadline: TBA

Forward completed reports in either Word or PDF formats to IOA Project Manager, Joe Genz at genz@hawaii.edu

Report on:

  • Specific objectives and significant results
  • Key outcomes and other achievements
  • Products (publications, presentations, etc.)
  • Impacts
  • Changes/challenges
  • Participant data