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Coordinator Resources

Map of the South Pacific region with Continental United States superimposed on top
LSAMP Partners location

Quick Facts

Funding agency: National Science Foundation

Funding period: August 2011- July 2016

Previous award: NSF Award #0602734

18 partner alliance: largest geographic distribution in national LSAMP program

Program award year: August through July Annually

“The IOA-LSAMP project is designed to increase the of URM students graduating with bachelor’s degrees in STEM fields.” - IOA-LSAMP proposal, 2011

Required Reporting: National LSAMP Program: WebAMP

Reporting period- July 1st - June 30th Annually-DUE October 31st

  • Student STEM enrollment
  • LSAMP student data*
  • LSAMP participating faculty data*
  • LSAMP activities – detailed description of activities* related back to campus plan and IOA objectives
  • Partners (non-academic agency/organization, collaborate to achieve goals)

Alliance impact

  • Campus-specific login information
  • Completed data entry and submission required for Alliance submission and compliance (ability to submit lost if after reporting deadline date)
  • Completed campus reports due by September 1st.

Required Reporting: National LSAMP Program-

Reporting period- August 1st - July 31th Annually-DUE August 1st

  • Campus & Alliance accomplishments
  • Accomplishments related back to goals of the proposal (objectives #1-4)

Major activities

  • Specific objectives and significant results
  • Key outcomes and other achievements
  • Products (publications, presentation, etc.)
  • Impacts
  • Changes/challenges
  • Participant data

Required Reporting: Challenges

  • Different reporting periods – & WebAMP
  • Reporting periods may straddle activities (i.e. summer internships, bridge programs, etc.)
  • Standardized report format?
  • Variety in campus activities (based on campus constituency)
  • Variation in purpose, target audience, timeline of activity