2020 Student Conference

Keynote speaker: Dr. Anthony Jay Sunga

IOA-LSAMP welcomes you!

The Islands of Opportunity Alliance-LSAMP student conference is a virtual, collaborative undertaking with our Bridge to Baccalaureate-STAMP partners located at Oʻahu, Kaua‘i, and Maui community college campuses.

The global spread of COVID-19 has had a profound impact on our Alliance as well our LSAMP peers across the United States. Most if not all of our IOA institutions have been forced to migrate courses to online platforms and many of our program activities have been reduced if not suspended altogether until normal operations can resume. These have indeed been uncertain and challenging times.

But challenges give rise to innovative solutions. Although the student conference was originally scheduled to take place in Hilo, Hawaiʻi on August 6-7, 2020, in an effort to ensure the maximum safety of our participants and attendees, we have chosen not to meet face-to-face but to instead harness the benefits of technology to bring the conference to you in virtual, curated format.

The links below will take you to presentations prepared by IOA-LSAMP and B2B-STAMP students from Hawaiʻi and across the broader Pacific. Their valuable contributions will be available for viewing August 6, 2020 and will remain on the IOA-LSAMP website indefinitely.

I am particularly grateful to Dr. Anthony Jay Sunga, Associate Professor at Guam Community College, for providing us with a stirring and eloquent keynote presentation. His words of enthusiasm and encouragement to current and future STEM students illustrate his deep-rooted commitment as a mentor and guide to the next generation of Pacific scientists. We are honored to count him as a valued colleague and friend in our IOA-LSAMP family.

My hope is that you will find this virtual joint collection of student research and intellectual engagement informative, thought-provoking and, above all, inspiring. Mahalo to our B2B partners and all the amazing mentors and teachers who have helped guide the students featured here. And to current and future students in STEM who visit this virtual space, kūlia i ka nu‘u — strive for the summit!

Aloha and ngā mihi nui ki a koutou!

— Dr. Mārata Tamaira, conference convener.

Islands of Opportunity Participants

University of Hawaiʻi, Hilo

Student Name Project Title
Sheldon Rosa "ʻIke: Informative Kits for Educating and Preparing Hawaiʻi Communities for Ocean Acidification"
Kainalu Steward "Investigating Spawning of ʻAlamihi (Metopograpsus thukuhar)"
Alphina Liusamoa "The Effects of Varying Nutrient Concentrations on Growth Rate of Caulerpa lentillifera"
Fuamai Tago "Investigating Light Quantity on Growth Rate and Chlorophyll a Concentrations of Caulerpa lentillifera"
Paige Hamada "Analyzing the Effects of Simulated Acid Rain (SAR) and Polyamines on the Antioxidant Content ofʻOlena (Curcuma longa"
Lily "Kukui" Gavagan "Analyzing Coral Community Composition from Reefs in the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument"

Palau Community College

Student Name Project Title
Amber Skiwo & Miguel Delos Santos "A Preliminary Study on the Effects of Stocking Density on the Growth and Survival Rate of Juvenile Mangrove Crab Scylla serrata Forskal"

College of the Marshall Islands

Student Name Project Title
Ambrose Loeak and David Aiseia "Pristine or Polluted? Comparison of Tropical Nearshore Macroalgal Communities and Environmental Parameters at Majuro and Arno Atolls"

University of Guam

Student Name Project Title
Maegan Gabrielle Adoc Catahay "Sustainable Re-utilization of Native Moderately Expansive Soil from Southern Guam via Lime Treatment"
Bea Shiena Daria "Application of Photographic Mark and Recapture of Guam Tree Snails"

Chaminade University of Honolulu

Student Name Project Title
Cami Keliʻinui "Quantifying mRNA of Lim1 Homeobox Gene in Tipneus gratilla Embryo through Developmental Stages"

College of Micronesia—FSM

Student Name Project Title
Wayneheart Celestine "Assessing Nearshore Water Quality Along the Coast of Pohnpei"
Wenry D. Paul, Lester James, and Youteenia Sakai "Ongoing Adventures at the Conservation Society of Pohnpei"

Guam Community College

Student Name Project Title
Lynn Ann Galang "What are Effective Quarantine Procedures Before Introducing New Animals?"
Tatiana Talavera "Studying Guam Manta Ray Behavior in Feeding Stations"
Andrew Alexander Dela Rosa "Drone Application for Environmental Assessment"

Hawaiʻi Pacific University

Student Name Project Title
Gioia Aquino "Therapeutic Low Intensity Focused Ultrasound (LIFU) System for Treating Neurological Disorders"
Sarah Nunez "Building an ECG Circuit Board and Using a CNC Milling Machine"

Northern Marianas College

Student Name Project Title
Anela Eliza Kainani Duenas "Protecting our Reef: CNMI Marine Monitoring Team"

Special Research Project Collaboration: UH Hilo and University of Guam

Student Name Project Title
Jerolynn Myazoe, Muturwan Choay, Dwayne Anefal, Shania Tamagyongfal, and Gogo Hope "Pacific Islander Journeys from Across the Islands of Opportunity Alliance (IOA)"

University of Hawaiʻi, Mānoa

Student Name Project Title
Daezon Arruda "Analysis of the Total Phenolic Content of Commercial Plant Supplements Implemented in Hawaiian Medicine"

American Samoa Community College

Student Name Project Title
Warren Sevaaetasi "Analysis of Porites rus and Rugosity Affecting Myripristis spp."

Kapi‘olani Community College

Student Name Project Title
Mackenzie Jahnke Student Scientists Provide Evidence of Successful Community-led Restoration of Hawaiian Bay
Mirabella Medallon Increasing Diversity in STEM by modifying content in an educational institution website to appeal to underrepresented groups
Jeraldine Milla Creating a switch-controlled LED Arduino-programmed circuit to help inspire female in STEM
Peter Lucas Design and Fabrication of an Innovative Solar Oven with Reclaimed Materials to Harness Renewable Thermal Energy
Alden Fernandez Applying Vector Analysis with Apollo Data to Verify the Eccentricity of the Moon's Orbit
Nikki Arakawa A Visual Model of Energy Usage Leading to Better Educate Residents of the Hawaii's 2045 Sustainability Energy Goals
Ryan Luce Molecular Characterization of Campylobacter spp.
Kiyomi Sanders Verifying the Eccentricity of the Moon's Orbit Around the Earth Using Lagrangian
Seth Colburn Rocket Customization and Design of its Vehicle and Motor Subsystem
Christopher Blake The Design of a Resident Autonomous Underwater Vehicle & Docking Station with Wireless Data and Power Transfer

Maui Community College

Student Name Project Title
Noah Franco Electromagnet Switch Release
Garett Costa Investigating the Propagation of Electronic Waves Using A Quantum Mechanical Method
Lucas Licht Integrating Computational Modeling in Newton's Law of Motion

Please be advised that any information or content derived from the contributions featured on this website, in part or in whole, must be credited to the authors using appropriate conventions of citation and reference.