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Islands of Opportunity Alliance

The world of Oceania is not small; it is huge and growing bigger every day. Epeli HauÔÇśofa, "Our Sea of Islands."

IOA-LSAMP is a National Science Foundation (NSF) program that works to increase the number of underrepresented minority students graduating with two- and four-year degrees in STEM disciplines. UH Hilo serves as the lead institution in the IOA, which includes 10 other alliance partner institutions.

PIPES 2018 Conference. From left: Jason Henson, Dr. Marata Tamaira, Charlie Tommy, Dr. Joseph Genz, and Te Rerehau Pao-Tamaira.
American Samoa Community College student interns. From left: Claudia Thompson (NOAA Okeanos Explore intern) and Johann Vollrath (American Samoa National Park Service intern).

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PIPES: Pacific Internship Programs for Exploring Science; overlaid on a forest scene