New Freshman FAQ's

Here are the most common questions we receive from new freshmen about advising:

Do I need to go through the Advising Next Steps Series?

Advising is a shared responsibility between you and your advisor and the Advising Next Steps Series outlines what you'll need to know and do in preparation for your first advising appointment. In turn, the information you provide will inform your advisor on how best to advise you when you do eventually meet.

Advisors used to share lot of details in first advising appointments and these next steps were created so you can always refer back to this information or access it when you can, either before or after your appointment.

How can I see my advisor?

Shortly after the Admissions Office processes your Intent to Enroll form, you will receive an email from the Career and Academic Advising Center with next steps. The email is sent to your email account. You'll need to go through the Advising Next Steps Series and do all of the tasks associated with each step, including TWO required questionnaires.

Once your tasks are completed, your advisor will send you an email with instructions on how to schedule an appointment.

Is the Intent to Enroll required?

Yes. To meet with an advisor, you must submit your Intent to Enroll form. Details are outlined in the Advising Next Steps Series, but if you have questions or want to know the status of your Intent to Enroll form, contact your admissions counselor and they'll be able to help you.

When can I begin registering for Fall 2021 classes?

  • Fall registration for transfer freshmen began on Saturday, April 10.
  • Registration for new freshmen began on May 3. To ensure students register for appropriate classes, freshmen must meet with their advisors prior to registration.

Do I need to take placement assessments?

We cover Placement Assessments in the Advising Next Steps Series and you'll know which placements you'll need to take after going through this step and discuss your situation when you meet with your advisor.

Will an advisor register me for my classes?

No. We will advise you on courses specific to your major and discuss possible selections and scheduling considerations, but advisors will not register for you. You will need to register for classes, based on what's discussed in your advising appointment, in STAR-GPS.