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MSL 102 Introduction to Military Science (Introduction to Tactical Leadership)

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ROTC Tactics & Techniques

Course Overview:

MSL 102 overviews leadership fundamentals such as setting direction, problem solving, listening, presenting briefs, providing feedback, and using effective writing skills. Cadets explore dimensions of leadership values, attributes, and competencies in the context of practical, hands-on, and interactive exercises. Continued emphasis is placed on recruitment and retention of Cadets. Cadre role models and the building of stronger relationships among the Cadets through common experience and practical interaction are critical aspects of the MSL 102 experience. Cadets must meet the following objectives for MSL 102:


  • Distinguish between leadership values, attributes, and competencies
  • Illustrate leader leading, developing, and achieving actions.

Personal Development

  • Develop personal mission statement and goals
  • Explain the basic elements of Army communication.

Values and Ethics

  • Explain how values impact leadership
  • Describe the importance of the Warrior Ethos for effective leadership.


  • Explain the importance of personal development for officership.

Tactics and Techniques

  • Describe the components of a fire team and squad
  • Describe the three individual movement techniques
  • Identify symbols and colors on a military map.