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2021 Awards

Tristine Honea

Trinstine Honea

  • Japanese Studies major; Spring 2021 graduate
  • High GPA: 3.91 out of 127 credit hours;
  • very serious about studying Japanese language and culture;
  • demonstrated leadership in classes as a team project leader;
  • assisted many Japanese studies events and Japanese Student Association events, such as Japanese movies, cultural festivals, peace concerts, and the Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-bomb Exhibition;
  • demonstrated strong academic performance in Chinese Studies courses and actively helped Chinese culture events on campus.

Hunter Bugado

  • A double major in Japanese Studies and Anthropology;
  • High GPA: 3.94 out of 51 credit hours;
  • all A's for his five Japanese studies courses;
  • hardworking, perfect attendance, deep engagement in subjects of study;
  • high academic enthusiasm in Japan;
  • completed excellent projects in Japanese studies courses, such as
    • analyzing women in The Tale of Genji
    • globalization of pop culture
  • works for the Christian church with his parents in Waimea;
  • honored as an Island Treasure of the West Hawaii Vicariate.

Olivia Jarvis

  • Environmental Science major and pursuing a Spanish Studies Certificate;
  • has taken all four of the sequence 101, 102, 201, and 202 in Spanish, with a final grade of 97% in Spanish 202;
  • excellent academic performance, consistent in her timing and work, while always maintaining a very high academic average;
  • one of the highest scoring students, most prepared, excellent language understanding;
  • her work ethic is phenomenal.

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