UH Hilo Graduate Council Minutes, August 4, 2010

Attendance:  Dan Brown (Chair), Cathy Zenz, Mahealani Jones, Chuck Langlas, Ken Morris, Yoshiko Fukushima, Michael Shintaku, Ed Fisher (guest)

Meeting called to order at 2:05 PM

Special meeting to discuss the College of Pharmacy student handbook

1. Ed Fisher announced that the student handbook for entering students in the PharmD program was sent to the printers.

2. There was a discussion about elective courses, and when they can be added or dropped.  PharmD students currently receive “F” grades in classes that they withdraw from after 21 days.  Since there are strict regulations on the number of classes that these students must take each year, they need to add an elective class if they decide to drop such a class.  The Council, after discussion, decided that the PharmD students could only add (for them, this amounts to “changing”) classes in the first week of the semester, but with the approval and signature of the Associate Dean, they could add (change) elective classes through the second week of the semester.  This accords with normal procedures for other UH Hilo programs. (No Motion)

3. Discussion of the difference between extension and remediation.  If a PharmD student should get an “F” in a class, they can make up the class through remediation during the summer.  If a student should get a series of poor grades, they may, under certain circumstances, be extended, where they will take one entire year to re-take or otherwise make up the classes.  If successful, a student who was extended would rejoin the next cohort that is a year behind his/her original cohort.  Students may only be extended once in their UH Hilo academic career.  (No Motion)

4. Discussion of the grading scale in the College of Pharmacy.  The typical scale in a CoP class is:

A 92-100; A- 89-91; B+ 86-88; B 82-85; B- 79-81; C+ 76-78; C 70-75; D 65-69; F <65

A discussion ensued as to the advisability of continuing to allow “D” grades.  The majority of the Council members present felt that the strict grading scale made the notion of “D” grades acceptable, at least temporarily until the degree program further matures.  (No Motion)

5. A subcommittee was formed to work with Ed Fisher in producing the text for the catalog copy of requirements for the PharmD Program.  This text is to be brought to the Graduate Council for approval in the coming semester.  The subcommittee consists of: Ken Morris, Mahealani Jones, and Cathy Zenz.  (No Motion)

6. Meeting adjourned at 3:45 PM