Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes, February 10, 2010

Attendance: Dan Brown (Chair), Yoshiko Fukushima, Kerri Inglis, Māhealani Jones, Bryan Kim, Stefan Kropidlowski, Charles Langlas, Ken Morris, Don Price, Michael Shintaku, Kenith Simmons, Kathleen Stacey, and Jan Zulich. Guests – Makalapua Alencastre (Kahuawaiola Teacher Ed Program), Misaki Takabayashi (Marine Science/TCBES Faculty), Colin Phifer (Scribe).

Meeting brought to order at 9:00

  • Announcements from the Chair

    • The Chair, Prof. Dan Brown, accepted a new position as the VC of Research within the Office of Research.
    • A new GC Chair will be chosen; Dan Brown will serve as interim chair until then.
    • _ No motion needed._
  • Approval of meeting minutes from February 3, 2010

    • Council correction: two corrections;
    • Section 4, misspelled Kaiʻu’s name. Correct to “Kaʻiu.”
    • Attendance should be amended to include Kerri Inglis
    • No motion taken.
  • Program review of TCBES Program

    • Background: TCBES Program is considered a “provisional” program and in order to be granted “established” program status, an assessment is needed.
    • The Assessment team, chaired by Prof. Langlas, recommends the TCBES program be granted established status. The team found the program to be economically efficient with high student graduation rates. The team noted some room for improvement.
    • A self-assessment provided to the council by the program director, Prof. Don Price, outlined some of the challenges the program faces moving forward. The self-assessment also contextualized some of the program deficiencies.
    • Discussion centered on how best to present the program to UH and UHH administrators to secure the program’s future while drawing attention to the unmet financial needs of the program.
    • Action: Prof. Langlas will draft a n evaluation to accompany the GC recommendation that the TCBES program be granted established status, stating that there are unmet financial needs of the program for its sustainability. Prof. Price will draft a letter directly answering the Assessment Team’s critique. Both items will be taken up at the next meeting.
  • Discussion of graduate degree conferrals at Commencement – revisited

    • Background: At previous GC meeting, the Council voted to remove thesis titles from Commencement program and establish a separate recognition ceremony for all graduate programs prior to Commencement where thesis titles would be read and printed, and students will be “hooded.”
    • College of Pharmacy (re)expressed its desire to have pharmacy graduates hooded during Commencement (beginning in Spring 2011).
    • Suggestion: improve Commencement choreography to shorten ceremony.
    • Action: For Spring 2010 Commencement, graduate students will participate and be hooded during the ceremony. More discussion on this topic is needed.
  • Request for exception to 3.0 GPA admissions requirement for students in Kahuawaiola Teacher Education program – continued from last meeting

    • Background: Previously considered a post-bac certificate program. Changed to a graduate certificate program and the minimum GPA for admissions into graduate programs is 3.0 GPA. This exception would lower the minimum GPA to 2.75.
    • Makalapua Alencastre provided updated GPAs of admitted students into the program that detailed overall undergraduate GPA and last 60-semester credit GPA. Based upon last 60 credits, only a few students have GPAs lower than 3.0.
    • Clarification: In addition to GPA, the program admission committee considers:
      • Hawaiian fluency (requirement for program)
      • PRAXIS scores
      • Letters of recommendation
      • 50 hours of field practice
      • Consider whether the GPA is a good predictor of student success
    • Recommendation: keep the 3.0 rule in place. For exceptional students with GPAs below 3.0, exceptions may be made at the GC’s Admissions Committee which could weigh the other admission criteria.

Adjourned at 10:10

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 9am—sharp. Location UCB 307.