Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes, December 3, 2009

Attendance: Dan Brown (Chair), Jerry Calton, Yoshiko Fukushima, Eric Im, Māhealani Jones, Charles Langlas, Michael Shintaku, Kenith Simmons, Kathleen Stacey, and Jan Zulich. Invited guests – Myhraliza Aala (Coordinator of New Student Programs) and Elizabeth Heffernan (College of Pharmacy). Colin Phifer (Scribe).

  • Approval of meeting minutes from November 12, 2009

    • Council amendments: deadline for thesis submission for this semester is 12/04/2009, not 12/01/2009 as originally stated.
    • Submit additional comments to Dan Brown.
    • No motion taken.
  • Graduate student orientation – invited guests Myhraliza Aala and Elizabeth Heffernan

    • Myhraliza Aala presented a draft of possible graduate orientation activities as a starting point. New Student Programs wants to meet the needs of graduate students.
    • Council suggestion: short, hands-on library demonstration that focuses on leveraging existing university resources to meet research needs of graduate students that are specific to each graduate program; short, practical orientation about university logistics (student IDs, parking passes, forms, etc.); limited social events; allow individual programs to continue to design programs that meet their unique needs with opportunities to “plug in” to wider university orientation programs where appropriate.
    • No motion needed.
  • Project update: graduate student handbook

    • The graduate handbook is in draft form and available for comments; copies were emailed to council members.
    • Please provide feedback to Māhealani Jones and/or Dan Brown before it is published on the web.
    • No motion needed
  • Procedure update: leave of absence form

    • Currently, no form was available for students to request a leave of absence from graduate program. Māhealani Jones adapted a form from UH Manoa and presented it to the council for review.
    • Clarification: will students on approved leave be subject to the original catalog year when they were first admitted to the program, or would students be subject to the catalog year when they return from leave?
    • No motion taken.
  • Project update: program review of CHUS program

    • Dan Brown met with Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Philip Castille to discuss the review process and recommendations.
      • VC Castille expressed concerns over the possible appearance of complaining about resources before wider university system,
      • VC Castille also suggested that the council should not be preoccupied about resources in its review of the CHUS program, and should focus on student needs primarily.
      • VC Castille also pledged to commit resources to the program and that discussion would take place during negotiations with final candidates for the program director position.
    • Members of the council believe that its role in reviewing the CHUS program must include a discussion about resources.
    • Council suggestion: direct the council chair to invite VC Castille to next council meeting to continue the discussions.
    • No motion needed.
  • Project update: graduate council charter

    • Dan Brown continues to refine the language of the charter for later adoption by the council.
    • Need to clarify how many members from each of the programs should be present, student representatives, etc.
    • Next draft will be presented to council, likely in February.
    • No motion needed
  • Chair requests of council members

    • Please send schedules of availability to Dan Brown for next semester.
    • Concerning your availability, please only list class time available, not office hours or other commitments.
    • Preference for 1.5 hour meeting not at 8:00 am.

Adjourned 9:15

Next Meeting: To be Determined, likely mid-January 2010.