UH Hilo Graduate Council Minutes, October 8, 2009

In attendance:

Kathleen Stacey, Stefan Kropidlowski, Bryan Kim, Jan Zulich, Jerry Calton, Don Price, Kerri Inglis, Yoshiko Fukushima, Charles Langlas, Michael Shintaku, Ken Morris, Cathy Zenz, Dan Brown

Guest: Phil Castille

1. Introductions of members

2. Acceptance of Minutes from the May 8, 2009 meeting

3. Discussion about the coming WASC meeting with the Graduate Council

VCAA summarized the Special Site visit and addressed issues from action letter from spring 2008:

It was suggested that we study the new flowcharts for the meeting (i.e., the 2 process charts) which are now policy

4. Populating standing committees: the following assignments were agreed upon

5. Discussion of major issues for the Graduate Council

6. Other new business – none,

Meeting adjourned at 9:15