Graduate Council

Graduate Council Minutes, October 8, 2009

In attendance:

Kathleen Stacey, Stefan Kropidlowski, Bryan Kim, Jan Zulich, Jerry Calton, Don Price, Kerri Inglis, Yoshiko Fukushima, Charles Langlas, Michael Shintaku, Ken Morris, Cathy Zenz, Dan Brown

Guest: Phil Castille

  1. Introductions of members

  2. Acceptance of Minutes from the May 8, 2009 meeting

  3. Discussion about the coming WASC meeting with the Graduate Council

  • Preparations for the WASC visit were discussed with the VCAA in attendance;
  • academic & policy task force for centralization of decisions
    • Curricular review
    • academic program processes
  • 1st PH.D. program revisions

VCAA summarized the Special Site visit and addressed issues from action letter from spring 2008:

  • shared governance concern: lack of centrality
  • Hawaiian language Ph.D. policy & procedure

It was suggested that we study the new flowcharts for the meeting (i.e., the 2 process charts) which are now policy

  • curriculum review
    • starts at faculty unit
    • has revisions up & down to insure integration
    • the mission for curriculum review is not to second guess the creating unit but to insure minimal undesired ripple effects
    • the process is on short cycle this year but should be on track by 2010
  • Academic policy review
    • The Graduate Division and Graduate Council, has the role of a college for the purposes of the process (with Dan Brown in the role of a “Dean”)
    • Policy can be created at any Dean’s level unit
    • Explore the idea of "thresholds" for changes requiring full vs. partial review
  1. Populating standing committees: the following assignments were agreed upon
  • Admissions Committee – Mahealani Jones, Jan Zulich (chair), Jerry Calton
  • Course Committee - Mike Shintaku (chair), Cathy Zenz, Kerri Inglis
  • Program Committee - Bryan Kim (chair) in 1 mo, Chuck Langlas until then, Mahealani Jones, Tony Wright (Pharmacy)
  • Representative and back up to central curriculum committee (Congress) - Mike Shintaku with Don Price as alternate
  1. Discussion of major issues for the Graduate Council
  • It was again pointed out that there is a need for a person to support Grad Division to avoid dropping issues
    • Kathy agreed to explore a strategy to get some assistance
  • Charter – we have a Graduate Division with VCAA as head but this is evolving
  1. Other new business – none,

Meeting adjourned at 9:15