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Graduate Council Minutes, Friday, May 08, 2009

Attending: Dan Brown, Kathleen Stacey, Kenith Simmons, Michael Shintaku, Jerry Colton Rich Biffle, Kerri Inglis, Chuck Langlas, Larry Heintz, Ken Morris, Jene Michaud, Donald Price

Meeting called to order at 12:10

1.) Review and approval of minutes for Friday, May 1st meeting

            With correction of misspelling

2.) Discussion of Pharmacy proposed new courses

3.) Motion for approving extension of student L. K. Kimura beyond the  seven years limit

            -Motion: M. Shitaku; Second: K. Simmons

            - Y:10, N:0, A:1

4.) Motion to endorse “Policies concerning the Ph.D. program” from Ka Haka ‘Ula O Ke’elikolani

            Motion: J. Michaud; Second: K. Stacey

            -Y:9, N:1, A:1

5.) Discussion about the process by which a new Charter for the UHH Graduate Council would be reviewed.  Consensus was that the Graduate Council would have two readings open to all faculty for discussion and revision, followed by a vote of all UHH tenure track faculty.  If approved by the faculty, the proposed Charter would be forwarded to the UHH Congress for their review.

6.) Discussion about clarification of the composition of Graduate Council.  

7.) Motion for a sub-committee to draft a proposed Charter for the Graduate Council to consider in the Fall 2009

            -Motion: K. Simmons; Second: K. Morris

            -Y:9, A:1

8.) Meeting adjourned at 1:23pm

Submitted by Lindsay Englund