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Graduate Council Minutes, Friday 5-1-09

Attending: D. Brown, K. Stacey, B. Kim, K. Inglis, R. Biffle, E. Im, C. Langlas, K. Besio, J. Michaud, K. Morris & L. Heintz

  1. Minutes of 4-24-09, reviewed and approved.
  2. C. Langlas summarized the Graduate Council Program Review Committee Report of the Self-study of the M.A. Program in Counseling Psychology.

Motion:  Recommend the change from provisional to established status of the Counseling Psychology program.  Y-9, N-0, A-1.

Motion:  Accept the report of the Graduate Council Program Review Committee Report as amended.     Y-9, N-0, A-1

  1. Return to the discussion of The Ka Haka ‘Ula o Ke’elokolani College of Hawaiian Language’s Policies Concerning the Ph.D. program draft dated (4/24/09).

A number of editorial and substantive changes were discussed and some were made.  The College will continue to refine the policies.  The Graduate Council expects to take action on these policies at its next meeting.

  1. The Chair reminded the Council of the need to review the proposed draft Charter for the Graduate Council.   Some members of the council have provided the chair with questions and suggestions regarding the draft Charter.

  2. Meeting adjourned at 1:10p.m.