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Graduate Council Minutes, Friday April 24, 2009

Attending: Michael Shintaku, Don Price, Charles Langlas, Rich Biffle, Jene Michaud, Mahealani Jones, Dan Brown, Kathleen Stacey, Kenith Simmons, Kathryn Besio

  1. Clarification of April 17, 2009 minutes: There were no announcements from the chair
  2. The following people were certified as faculty in the TCEBS program:
    • Eric Brown
    • Frank Joseph Bonaccorso
    • Kenneth Gordon Gerow
    • Moved: Langlas
    • Second: Simmons
    • Motion passes: 6/0/1
  3. Report from Kenith Simmons on the VCAA’s expectations regarding Graduate Council action on conflict of interest matters: WASC expects that there will be additional Ka Haka Ula faculty who will enroll in the Ph.D. program. They have no problem with that, but would like to see specific safeguards against conflict of interest.
  4. Discussion of conflict of interest. Chuck Langlas presented a slate of potential policies to prevent conflict of interested in the case of Ka Haka Ula faculty who are students in the Ph.D. program. These included limitations on the teaching of graduate courses; adding additional outside members to committees; requiring credits to be taken outside of UH Hilo (or by faculty who are not regular faculty members); comprehensive exam evaluation by outside faculty; exclusions from personnel committees and from votes on Ph.D policies.  No motion was proposed. Rather Dr. Langlas was asked to take the discussion back to Ka Haka Ula and come forward with formal language for a motion on these issues.
  5. Motion to amend language regarding the institutional member of committees to include all UH system faculty:                    Moved:  Stacey     Seconded: Price

“In consultation with his or her committee chair, the student will identify a University of Hawai’i  [ delete: Hilo] faculty member from outside of the student’s graduate program to serve as an outside voting member of the dissertation committee”

This change would increase the likelihood that the institutional member on dissertations written in Hawaiian  would be fluent in Hawaiian.  Simmons reported that the VCAA is not opposed to this change.

Moved by:      Biffle        Seconded by: Besio

Motion passes: 7/0/0

  1. Further discussion about the need for members of a committee for a dissertation written in a language other than English to be fluent in the language of the dissertation. Simmons reported that the VCAA defers to the Graduate Council on this matter, but he would approve the use of chapter summaries in English to be used by committee members not fluent in the language of the dissertation.  Discussion was primarily about how many committee members would need to be fluent in the language of the dissertation rather than on the need for every member to be so. Based on the discussion, Dr, Langlas will bring forward a motion at the next meeting.

Adjourned 1:15

Submitted by Kenith Simmons