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Graduate Council Minutes, Friday, April 17, 2009

Attendees: Dan Brown (chair), Kenith Simmons, Michael Shintaku, Jerry Calton, Bryan Kim, Larry Heintz, Rich Biffle, Charles Langlas, Kathryn Besio, Ken Morris, M─ühealani Jones, Kathleen Stacey, Cathy Zenz, Jene Michaud, Kerri Inglis

Minutes of last meeting (13 Mar 2009) distributed.  Get back to Dan via email with any changes. 

1.┬á The council reviewed CV’s of four scholars from outside of UH Hilo for certification as faculty for the Hawaiian Language College program (John Charlot, William G. Demmert, Lawrence D. Kaplan, M. Puakea Nogelmeier).

It was moved that all 4 candidates be approved.  The vote for approval was unanimous.

2.  The council discussed the Hawaiian Language College Ph.D. program and concerns about having college faculty as students in the program.

The following were noted:┬á as the number of undergraduate majors in HWST is growing, so to is the number of graduate students; there are many challenges to be faced in full-time faculty recruitment of Hawaiian language Ph.D.’s;, and there are present difficulties for many students to pursue a Ph.D. outside of UH Hilo.

The discussion then focused on the issue of whether or not Ph.D. students can teach 600-level (graduate level) courses while in the program themselves.  It was noted that this had already been discussed in a previous meeting (see minutes for 27 Feb 2009), wherein it passed that graduate students were not approved to teach 700-level courses.

The chair asked to move the discussion to our next meeting when there should be more input from the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Philip Castille.

  1. The council discussed the use of languages other than English in dissertations or theses.┬á Some dissatisfaction was expressed concerning policy suggested and approved at the last meeting (13 Mar 2009) wherein chapter summaries would be provided to committee members “if they are unable to read Hawaiian at a level sufficient to examine the dissertation and provide feedback.”

With concern for Ka Haka ‘Ula’s current situation, as well as for the precedent being set, it was suggested that all committee members should be able to read the dissertation fully in the language it is written.

Larry Heintz suggested the following policy statement for qualification of evaluators of graduate work at UH Hilo:

“To evaluate graduate work in any capacity the evaluator must be qualified in the field or related field of study, be able to evaluate the graduate work directly and independently of other evaluators and be proficient in the language or media of that work.”

Further discussion suggested that emphasis should shift to the choice of committee members so that all on a committee would be able to read the dissertation or thesis in the language it is written in.

It was then asked if the choice of institutional representative on the committee could be made from the UH system.  Again, further discussion with the VC for Academic Affairs was suggested.

4.  Remaining agenda items were moved to the next meeting (24 Apr 2009) and the meeting was adjourned at 1:20pm.