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Graduate Council, Special Meeting to Discuss Faculty Workloads, March 6, 2009


Dan Brown, Kathleen Stacey, Kenny Simmons, Michael Shintaku, Jerry Calton, Larry Heintz, Bryan Kim, Richard Biffle, Eric Im, Don Price, Chuck Langlas, Kathryn Besio, Mahealani Jones

  • Topic: graduate faculty workload equivalence

    • The initial data provide the start for what is needed to accurately assess the additional effort required for graduate courses and advising activities
    • For grad courses the 1.5x per credit effort for undergraduate classes may be reasonable but we’ll accrue more data for the final proposal
    • Similarly the l credit as chair will be examined but may be underestimated
    • Data should be inclusive of staffing needs but that is to be dealt with at the college level
  • Topic: Graduate program release time issues (note: the discussion was not in-load vs. over load)

    • The basic concept is that release hours are to be banked for use in future graduate instruction and advising, or for conducting research, producing publications, and pursuing research support
    • There are differences between programs with respect to thesis vs. non-thesis that must be reconciled.  It is likely we will need a program-by-program policy to be proposed after all the data are in
      • Some programs have no committees but each faculty has multiple advisees
      • M.Ed program requires IRB & DOE approval to be published as a thesis
      • Pre-pharm vs. Pham, D. may be the appropriate metric for release as each faculty has many advisees in the Pharm.D. program
  • Topic: Lack of incentives to serve and the impact on graduate programs

    • currently thesis advisors and committee members are serving gratis
    • because they don't get credit for added work on grad courses-
      • the work load estimates may be low as faculty minimize efforts at the graduate level
      • data from other schools may be better in estimating effort
  • Topic: VCAA challenge is trying to figure out release time strategy

    • Three credit UG class is approximately the equivalent of 125 workload hours per semester. One credit for the committee chair is about equal to 42 hrs credit for grad release. Is it reasonable to get l credit for 2yrs of advising an Masters student? 42 hrs is probably low.
    • Minor committee members could get a smaller release.
    • This is only one of many reasons release time is requested, but we’re unique due to the combined multiple factors.
    • Currently departments get $6K for a grad course but that may be insufficient to bridge gap for instructors.
    • VCAA can approve case by case exception but want standardized policy at least within each program.
  • Action item: each chair to poll each faculty to accumulate the following data

    • #hours/week/class UG vs. Grad
    • #hours/week/class for out of class activities, prep, committee work, advising etc…
    • Committee chair #hours/week spent in mentoring - separate from their course work
    • Graduate program chairs: # hours/week on program administration

Meeting adjourned at 1pm.