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Graduate Council Minutes, February 20, 2009

Present:  Dan Brown, Kathleen Stacey, Ken Morris, Mahealani Jones, Rich Biffle, Jene Michaud, Eric Im, Kathryn Besio, Don Price, Charles Langlas, Kenny Simmons, Michael Shintaku, Bryan Kim

1.         Minutes of 1/30/09 were approved with minor corrections.

2.         Discussion of the proposed Curriculum Review Process for New and Modified Programs and Courses:

            Graduate Council was informed that this effort was initiated after WASC pointed out the need to have a review process functioning by Fall 2009. Dan shared that the proposed review process will (1) establish the order in which Graduate Council becomes involved in program and curriculum review and (2) provide a more concrete definition as to the responsibility of the Graduate Council during the review process.

            Motion:  Graduate Council approved the plan with a recommendation that emphasis should be placed on adhering to the boundaries regarding the scope of review at each of the stages.

            Moved by Ken Morris, seconded by Charles Langlas

            A friendly amendment was made to revise the role description of Graduate Council to make it clearer. A suggested revision will be sent to Dan Brown by Kathy Besio.

            Passed:  10-0-0

3.         Next Meetings: Friday, February 27, 2009 (Regular Meeting); Friday, March 6, 2009 (devote to the faculty workload issue)

Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm

Submitted by Bryan Kim