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Graduate Council Minutes, January 16th, 2009


Kathleen Stacey, Kenny Simmons, Ken Morris, Dan Brown, Bryan Kim,  Jene Michaud, Larry Heintz, Donald Price, William Pila Wilson, Rich Biffle, Jerry Calton, Keri Inglis, Mahealani Jones

  1. Minutes approved with the following caveats:
    1. item 5 should be forwarded to VCAA
    2. Dan will check catalogue and suggest wording to cover transfer of credits taken during a grad program but outside UHH
    3. item 3 should read Graduate Level Faculty - not affiliate
    4. course modification for graduate students requires Dan’s signature
  2. Discussion of the “veto power” language for the Outside member of dissertation committees.

Motion: include the following revision to the dissertation approval criteria: it is required dissertation committee members vote unanimously in favor of passing for a student to pass their defense

This change must include the formation of appropriate grievance policy for students wishing to challenge the committee’s decision

(Moved by Don Price, seconded by Rich Biffle)

Passed 11/0/0

  1. Discussion of the minimum qualification for faculty in graduate training, i.e., certification of affiliate faculty.

In response to WASC, we need criteria to address general concerns about criteria used for certification. 

It was agreed that it would be left to the individual programs to distinguish certification for teaching vs. committee service and just use a single certification standard.

Meeting adjourned at ~1pm.