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Graduate Council Minutes, December 12, 2008

Present:  Dan Brown (Chair), Kathryn Besio, Jerry Calton (note taker), Mahealani Jones, Bryan Kim, Charles Langlas, Jene Michaud, Ken Morris, Don Price, Kenny Simmons, Cathy Zenz.

  1. Approval of minutes of 11/21/08 meeting.  Addendum of those attending the 11/21/08 meeting: Dan Brown (Chair), Jene Michaud, Charles Langlas, Mike Shintaku, Don Price, Mahealani Jones, Cathy Zenz, Rich Biffle, Kathleen Stacey, and Ken Morris.
  2. Certification of Robert K. Irwin to serve on graduate committees for the Hawaiian Language MA in Indigenous Education.  (Vote in favor: 7/0/1).
  3. Certification of the following as affiliate faculty for the TCBES MA Program  (Vote in favor: 8/0/1):
    • Les Kaufman
    • Francis Benevides
    • David Foote
    • Robert P. Smith
  4. Discussion of need for review and approval by the UH Manoa IRB office for graduate research projects involving human subjects.  Notification will be placed on Form 3. Dan Brown will bring the draft statement to the next meeting.
  5. Discussion of need to clarify rules and procedures for transfer of credit for graduate courses taken elsewhere, either before or during the student’s course of study.  Courses taken before admission should be evaluated by the program chair during the first semester and should not count toward any other program requirement (no double counting allowed.)  Graduate courses taken elsewhere in the course of a student’s program of studies must be reviewed and approved by the program chair and the student’s graduate committee.  A minimum of 24 credits (including thesis credits) must be taken in residence at UH Hilo.
  6. Discussion of graduate faculty workload issues.  Program chairs need to prepare/revise report on workload-related issues to assist the Grad Council in developing a graduate faculty workload policy.  Focus should be on the number of hours devoted to teaching, course preparation, advising, thesis advising, oral examinations, etc.  Ideally, this report should be submitted to Dan Brown by January 1, 2009.  See report of Brendan Hennessey on costs and revenues for different programs and minutes of the 11/21/08 meeting for guidelines.
  7. Reminder from Cathy Zenz:  Revised catalog copy is due to her office by January 31, 2009.