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Graduate Council Minutes, 11/21/08

  • Approval of minutes of 11/7/2008 meeting: Approved with the suggestion was made to alter them to spell out Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA)

  • Certification of faculty member: Hawaiian Lang and Literature

A motion was made to approve an external member for the M. A. in Indigenous Education. The proposed member has an M.A. and would serve only on M.A. candidates.

Chuck Langlas will circulate CV and it was agreed that an email vote will be taken

  • Dan Brown circulated his research results on Faculty workload related to Education

  • Faculty workload equivalencies: committee chairs and courses

The question was divided into issues of course and committee workload equivalencies.  It was agreed that the committee would address committee workload equivalencies first and that this should be preceded by bench marking the programs.

  • A motion was made that Graduate Program chairs will provide written summaries on effort and cost of course and committee work for each graduate program. 

    • These summaries should include but are not limited to:
      • A brief description of the program
      • Historical and projected enrollment/graduate metrics for the programs
      • Any resource limitations on maintaining/growing the program
      • Workload estimates for committee service
      • Workload estimates for graduate courses
      • Grant revenue for the program if applicable
      • Syllabi for the grad courses
      • Enrollment for the courses
      • Tuition revenue if available
      • Other relevant metrics
  • The motion was unanimously approved and it was agreed that once the exercise is complete a proposal will be drafted and the appropriate Vice Chancellors will be invited to a Graduate Council meeting to for discussion.

  • Other new business

    • chair announcement – an electronic vote to approve all forms and guidelines for external examiners was successful and the Motion Passed
    • A brief update from Chuck Langlas recapped the 1st Ph.D. dissertation defense.  The candidate successfully defended
      • Don Price - will circulate other certified TCBIS faculty for approval shortly