UH Hilo Graduate Council Minutes, October 31, 2008


Kathryn Besio, Kathleen Stacey, Ken Morris, Dan Brown, Bryan Kim, Michael Shintaku, Jene Michaud, Larry Heintz, Donald Price, Charles Langlas, Rich Biffle, Jerry Calton, Keri Inglis, Kenny Simmons, Cathy Zenz

  1. Minutes approved with the correction of the spelling of Kathleen Stacey’s name.
  2. Discussion of the definition and tasks of the Outside member of dissertation committees.    

Motion: That the following language be inserted into the requirements for the composition of the dissertation committee:

Outside member

(Moved by Kenny Simmons, seconded by Ken Morris)

Passed 13/0/0

  1. Discussion of the composition of the dissertation committee in light of the above motion. Currently: 1) Committee Chair 2) UH Hilo outside member 3) Unspecified; so it is currently possible for a committee to have only one member from the student’s program.
    • Questions were raised as to whether the committee should be enlarged to ensure that more than one graduate program member serves on the committee.
    • It was determined that there is no formal policy or consistent process by which programs designate the faculty of that program.   
    • Dan Brown requested that Graduate Program Chairs provide to  the Graduate Council a list of the faculty in their graduate programs and the procedure used by that program to determine who is a faculty member in that program.
  2. Announcement: A graduate student workroom has been established – PB 13-5. Graduate students who wish to work there after hours may get a key by making a request to Dan Brown.
  3. Discussion of workload issues as related to graduate programs. A formal proposal was made to VCAA Hora, who requested more information. VCAA Castille informally expressed opinions on  graduate program compensation but there has been no formal response to the graduate council’s proposal, nor has a formal    proposal been forwarded to VCAA Castille.  At the next meeting, the Graduate Council will discuss how to proceed toward a resolution on this matter.

Meeting adjourned at 1pm.