UH Hilo Graduate Council Minutes, 10/24/2008

Members Present:

Dan Brown, Kenny Simmons, Chuck Langlas, Jene Michaud, Ken Morris, Cathy Zenz, Kerri Inglis, Kathleen Stacey, Michael Shintaku, Rich Biffle, Kathryn Besio

  1. Minutes approval – Approved
  2. Committee assignments
3. Report of Ka Haka Ula meeting between Chuck Langlas, P. Castille & L. Huong, Peter Garrod (Manoa Grad Division)

Meeting regarding outside members on PhD committees. Suggested that there be a fourth member who is outside Ka Haka Ula but on UHH faculty and who assumes an overseer role during the PhD process.

  1. Provisional vs. established graduate program reviews. What’s the policy for provisional review?
    • Separate process from established review
    • BOR policy re: provisional programs and it’s a smaller process than our process for established programs

DB thinks grad counsel should use BOR procedures for provisional review with involvement of Graduate Council.

Review process for provisional programs follow BOR policy.

4. Item 5 postponed until next week

5. Chuck Langlas raised the issue regarding ILL and whether faculty and grad students are going to have to pay for ILL charges.

Mainland & overseas for ILL: charges for graduate students but not for faculty. $3 book, $1 article beginning August 2009

If you don’t pick up ILL book & system loans, a fine is charged.

* Dan Brown reminds everyone to write in library support in grants – journals.

Meeting Adjourned 1:10 pm

Submitted by Kathryn Besio