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Graduate Council Minutes, 10/10/08, 12:00pm

Members present: Cathy Zenz, Larry Heintz, Kenny Simmons, Chuck Langlas, Kathryn Besio, Jene Michaud, Ken Morris, Donald Price, Bryan Kim, Dan Brown (Chair), Jerry Calton, Kerri Inglis, Michael Shintaku.

The minutes from the last meeting (April 28 2008) were approved as submitted.

The council confirmed the members serving on the following standing committees:

Curriculum Committee: Kathryn Besio (chair), Seri Luangphinith, Michael Shintaku

Admission Committee: Michael Shintaku (chair), Jerry Calton, Mahealani Jones

Program Committee: Chuck Langlas (chair), Jene Michaud, Nina Buchanan (pending a request by Chuck)

The council discussed a draft of a document, originally discussed by the Graduate Council last year, describing the administrative structure for graduate programs and the graduate division. This was provided by Chairperson Brown. This document remains under consideration, pending clarification regarding which Vice-Chancellor (Research or Academic Affairs) will most interact with the Council, and further development of the Graduate Division.

A subcommittee of the council was appointed to meet with the university-wide task force dealing with WASC issues. Kathryn Besio, Dan Brown, Ken Morris and Don Price agreed to serve on this committee.

The council sees a need to align the Pharmacy SchoolÔÇÖs academic policies with UHH policies, including the way material is developed for the UHH catalog. Ken Morris agreed to look into this issue.

Finally, there was discussion regarding the 24 credit in-residence requirement for graduate degrees, which excludes thesis credits.

Motion (Shintaku, seconded by Langlas): Up to 6 thesis or dissertation credits can count towards the residency requirement.

Motion passed: 10-0-0

Minutes submitted by M. Shintaku