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Graduate Council Agenda, October 10, 2008

  1. Greetings and introductions
  2. Approval of Minutes of April 28, 2008 meeting
  3. Organization:
    1. Need someone to act as secretary for the taking of minutes
    2. Committee assignments (listing of current members)
      1. Curriculum committee: K Besio (chair), M Shintaku, S Luangphinith
      2. Admissions committee: M Shintaku (chair), M Jones, S Juvik
      3. Program Committee: C. Langlas (chair), N Buchanan, S Erdogan
  4. Discussion of major issues to be addressed this semester
    1. Locus of Council: Academic Affairs or Research
    2. Relation of Council v. UHH Congress
    3. Faculty compensation for graduate activities: per class and/or per student mentored
  5. Curricular issues
    1. Aligning Pharmacy academic policies with UHH policies
    2. Report of curriculum committee
  6. Counting of thesis credits toward residency status