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WI. Writing Intensive Requirement

Three courses, between 3 to 9 credits total.

Students select three different courses designated "WI," one of which must be numbered 300 or above. Students should be aware that the requirement is for three separate WI courses, regardless of the number of semester hours earned in each course. A "WI" course is a discipline-specific content course in which writing plays a major, integrated role.

"WI" courses are certified each semester and are labeled as such in the semester course schedule.

The WI requirement for transfer students varies depending upon year of entry and transfer credits accepted by UH Hilo. Only after final transfer credit evaluation can it be determined how many WI courses a transfer student must take. The number of WI courses required for transfer students is displayed below.

Status (No. of accepted credits) Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
No. accepted credit hours 0-24 25-54 55-88 89+
1995-96 2 2 1 0
1997 and later 3 3 2 1

In Fall 2015, the number of credits required for each status changed. See the Classification of Students: Class Standing for credits required for each class standing.

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