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GW. World Cultures Requirement Fall 2011 and Thereafter

6 semester hours.

Students select two semester courses. These courses offer a broad, integrated analysis of cultural, economic, political, scientific, philosophical, religious and social developments that recognizes the diversity of human societies, diverse cultural traditions and cross-cultural interaction.

These courses are certified as meeting the World Cultures requirement effective Fall 2011 and thereafter.  Students using the 2011-2012 catalog who wish to apply to the World Cultures requirement courses not listed on this page must submit a Request for Modification of Academic Requirement.

Select two:

  • AG 230 Sustainable Agriculture
  • ANTH 100 Cultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 320 Cross-Cultural Study of Women
  • ANTH 324 Culture, Sex, and Gender
  • ANTH 372 Culture through Film
  • ENG 201 Global Cinema
  • ENG 202 Literature of Human Rights
  • ENG 253 World Literature: Class ÔÇô 17th Century
  • ENG 254 World Literature: 17th Cent ÔÇô Present
  • ENG 275 Literature of the Earth
  • ENG 289 The Rhetoric of Food
  • GEOG 102 Geography of World Cultural Regions
  • HIST 151 World History: To 1500
  • HIST 152 World History: From 1500
  • POLS 251 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • WS 201 Global Cinema
  • WS 202 Literature of Human Rights
  • WS 320 Cross-Cultural Study of Women
  • WS 324 Culture, Sex, and Gender
  • WS 357 Women and Religion