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GQ. Quantitative Reasoning Requirement Fall 2017 and thereafter

6 semester hours.

From the list of courses certified as meeting the GE Quantitative Reasoning requirements, students select a one semester lower-division course in Mathematics and a second course in Mathematics or another field. These courses enable students to understand the use of mathematical or symbolic concepts and require students to develop skills in chains of reasoning from data to conclusions.

These courses are certified as meeting the Quantitative Reasoning requirement effective Fall 2011 and thereafter, including 2017-18. Students using the 2017-18 catalog who wish to apply to the Quantitative Reasoning requirement courses not listed on this page must submit a Request for Modification of Academic Requirement form.

Select one course from List A, and one course from either List A or List B:

List A

  • MATH┬á100 Survey of Math
  • MATH┬á140X Precalculus (Formerly offered as MATH 104X prior to Fall 2017)
  • MATH┬á135 Precalculus I: Functions (Formerly offered as MATH 140X prior to Fall 2017)
  • MATH┬á140 Precalculus II: Trigonometry & Geometry (Formerly offered as MATH 104G prior to Fall 2017)
  • MATH┬á111 MS Office Tools for Math and Science
  • MATH┬á125 Applied Calculus (Formerly offered as MATH 125 prior to Fall 2017)
  • MATH┬á121 Introduction to Statistics & Probability
  • MATH205 [Course Not Found] Calculus I
  • MATH206 [Course Not Found] Calculus II
  • MATH231 [Course Not Found] Calculus III

List B

  • AGBU┬á110 Microcomputing for Agriculture
  • ASTR┬á180 Principles of Astronomy I
  • CHEM┬á100 Chemistry and Society
  • CS┬á102 MS Office Tools for Math and Science
  • CS┬á138 Introduction to Computing with Robots
  • CS┬á282 Computer Competency for Business
  • ECON┬á131 Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • ECON┬á340 Money & Banking
  • ED┬á243 Intro to Math for Elementary Teachers
  • ENSC┬á100 Intro to Environmental Science
  • FIN┬á220 Personal Finance
  • GEOG┬á201 Interpreting Geographic Data
  • GEOL┬á170 Volcanoes and Earthquakes
  • MARE┬á250 Statistical Apps in Marine Sci
  • PHIL┬á345 Symbolic Logic
  • General Physics I Lab
  • General Physics II Lab
  • POLS┬á280 Methods of Research
  • QBA┬á260 Business Statistics
  • SOC┬á280-280L Statistical Reasoning/Lab