General Education Requirements

GF. Composition Requirement: Fall 2011 through Summer 2018

This page is for GE from 2011-2018. For information about the GE program beginning in Fall 2018, please see the GE homepage. See UH Hilo Catalog back issues for descriptions of older courses.

3 semester hours.

Students must successfully complete a first-year writing course. This requirement is met by taking one of the following courses: ENG 100, ENG 100T, ESL 100 or ESL 100T. It is recommended that students complete the English composition requirement within their first 24 semester hours at UH Hilo.

  • These courses are certified as meeting the Composition requirement effective Fall 2011 through Summer 2018.
  • Please note effective dates: a course must have been certified when you took the course to count towards the requirement.
  • Students using catalogs between 2011-2018 who wish to apply the Composition requirement to courses not listed on this page must submit a "Request for Modification of Academic Requirement" form which can be found on the Office of the Registrar - Commonly Used Forms page.

Select one:

  • ENG 100 (effective Fall 2011)
  • ENG 100T (effective Fall 2011)
  • ESL 100 (effective Fall 2011)
  • ESL 100T (effective Fall 2011)
  • ENG 100H (effective Fall 2011)