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Post Baccalaureate DL - Secondary Teacher Education Program for Success (DL-STEPS), Step Three: Initial Coursework

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ED 310 Foundations of Education (3 credits)

Introduction to the tasks of teaching, realities and complexities of schooling, basic educational research, and observational and conceptual tools for interpreting what
goes on in classrooms. The course is designed to help students think seriously about education as a potential career.

ED 314 Educational Media & Technology (3 credits)

Introduction to theories, application of principles, acquisition of practical skills of
educational media and technology relevant to teaching/learning situations, in classrooms as well as non-school settings. Special emphasis on artistic/aesthetic principles of design.

ED 350 Developmental Concepts of Learning (3 credits)

Theories of development focusing on the integration of physical, social, emotional and
cognitive development during the school-aged years, children (grades K-6) and adolescents (grades 7 - 12). Systematic observation and analysis of the behavior of school-aged children at home, in the community and at school. 20 field hours in schools required.

To register for a course, here are directions on How To Register Online. All DL-STEPS coursework is taught via Laulima. Please note your is used for all UH Hilo communication from the Education Department, to register, and to log into Laulima.

Each course, ED 310, ED 314, and ED 350, must be completed with a grade of "C" or higher.

Step 4: Application for DL-STEPS Cohort Coursework