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Laulima Orientation Video Transcript

Welcome to Laulima, the University of Hawaii's online learning and collaboration system.  With Laulima, a course can be held entirely online, or it can be used as part of a regular face-to-face class.  In the next few minutes, we'll show how you can get started on the system.

To begin using Laulima, you'll need an up-to-date browser and broadband internet connection.  We generally recommend using the Firefox browser which has been found to be most compatible with the system.

To access Laulima, go to laulima dot hawaii dot E-D-U.  You can also get there through a link at MyUH, the site where you register for courses, but we generally recommend going directly to the site at

Log in at the top right corner of the page using your UH username and password, the same things you would use to register for courses on MyUH or to access your UH email.

Once logged in, you'll go into your personal workspace area, called My Workspace.

This is the basic layout of a site:  In the center you'll see content.  On the left are tools...  the tools may differ between sites.  Along the top you'll see tabs for each site that is active or available to you.

If you have more sites than what can be displayed here, you'll get this My Active Sites tab.  Clicking on it will display all the courses or sites that are available to you in your account.

Clicking on a tab will take you into a site.  To use any of the tools, click on its link on the left.

As mentioned earlier, each course may have a different set of tools.

When you're done using Laulima, we recommend logging out of the system, especially if you're on a public computer.

A few things to note when using Laulima....

You will be automatically logged out after two hours of inactivity.  This includes staying on the same page and not clicking on a link or button, or typing text on a page.

Also, Laulima goes down everyday for maintenance between three and four A-M, Hawaii Standard Time.

If you have technical problems with Laulima, click on the Request Assistance link located at the bottom of every page.  For other general questions, you can also use the Contact Us link or send a message to

We hope you find Laulima useful!