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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. My instructor tells me to click on items in the Course Menu such as Announcement, Mail Tool, etc. but I can't see them. Why is the Course Menu missing?
    • Answer: Your display's resolution may be set too high. To get the best results reset your resolution to at least 1280 x 1024 for a PC or 1280 x 800 for a MAC.

  • Q. What do I need to do to log in on a campus computer?
    • Answer: You need to have a UHHL account, which is issued by automatic PC's on the main floor of the library. You MUST have a valid e-mail address to qualify to get a UHHL account.

      UHHL accounts expire twice per year: once at the end of exams in May and once at the end of the Summer session. The exact dates will be announced on the pop-up when you log in. Any such account is your ticket to access over 550 PC's located throughout UHH in the various Open Labs, Teaching Labs, Multimedia Classrooms and Student Resource Centers.

  • Q. What else can I do with my UHHL "PC" account?

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