Distance Learning

Testing FAQs


  • Q: How can I reschedule an exam for just one student?

    • Answer: Depends upon the assessment tool you are using:

      • Tests & Quizzes - For the specific student you can create what╩╗s called an "exception" within the test╩╗s settings. View this step-by-step tutorial that illustrates the process (this particular example shows how to give a student a different day and time to take the test).

      • Tasks, Tests, and Surveys - This tool uses a feature called "Special Access." View this step-by-step tutorial that illustrates the process.

  • Q: How can I know that the person, who is taking a test, is the very student who registered for the course?

    • Answer: As much as possible, have a series of assignments throughout the course with students writing that may have life experiences. You will develop a sense of a students' style. Because a student is working continuously throughout the project with frequent feedback all semester long, this leads the student having no need to plagiarize or cheat on the final exam or paper.

    • Answer: As much as possible, have demonstrations of knowledge in group projects where the students interact with each other.

    • Answer: A test can be proctored at a testing site from the link below. Students are required to show a picture ID and the proctoring staff have a testing code that they put in Laulima for the student. Here is the link to the list of proctors statewide. Faculty are required to submit a proctoring request form to set up this service for their students. Proctoring website.

      A Question for You: In a traditional class how do you know that the person attending and taking the tests is really the person enrolled in the class? You really do not know.