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Testing FAQs


  • Q: How can I reschedule an exam for just one student?

    • Answer: Depends upon the assessment tool you are using:

      • Tests & Quizzes - For the specific student you will need to release the same (but separate) test that has the test settings modified as required, and then restrict access to it so that other students don't see or take that particular test. View this step-by-step tutorial that illustrates the process (this example shows how to give a student more time to take the test).

      • Tasks, Tests, and Surveys - This tool is much easier and straight forward as it uses a built-in feature called "Special Access." View this step-by-step tutorial that illustrates the process.

  • Q: How can I know that the person, who is taking a test, is the very student who registered for the course?
    • Answer: As much as possible, have a series of assignments throughout the course with students writing that may have life experiences. You will develop a sense of a students' style. Because a student is working continuously throughout the project with frequent feedback all semester long, this leads the student having no need to plagiarize or cheat on the final exam or paper.
    • Answer: As much as possible, have demonstrations of knowledge in group projects where the students interact with each other.
    • Answer: A test can be proctored at a testing site from the link below. Students are required to show a picture ID and the proctoring staff have a testing code that they put in Laulima for the student. Here is the link to the list of proctors statewide. Faculty are required to provide proctoring request form. Proctoring website. A Question for You: How do you know in a traditional class that the person attending and taking the tests is really the person enrolled in the class? You really do not know.