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PowerPoint Frequently Asked Questions

Impaticized PowerPoint/Java Problems

  • Q: Students can't open my Impaticized PowerPoints. Their java is enabled and their pop-ups are not blocked.
    • Answers:
      • If the students haven't opened an Impaticized PowerPoint in their browser before it may take about 10 seconds or so for it to open. After that they should open fine.
      • If they're still having problems their browser's cache may have gotten full and outdated. This can cause problems with the Java applet that can result in the Impaticized presentations freezing or not playing.
        • To remedy this clear the browser's cache and then re-open the presentation.
        • If that doesn't work clear the browser's cache, close the browser, and then re-open the presentation.

Alternatives to Impatica

  • Q: Are there alternatives to Impatica for creating and delivering narrated PowerPoint presentations?

    • Answer: Yes, there are a few options depending upon your computer platform:

      • For both Mac and Windows users:

      • For Windows users:

        • owners of PowerPoint 2013 or later, use the free Office Mix for PowerPoint add-on to add not only narration but interactivity, too.