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Help for Students: Disability Services

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Letter from the Director of Disability Services

As a new, or returning, student to the UH Hilo Disability Services office, I would like to welcome you, and also to bring to your attention a resource that can be found on the Disability Services web site. Here is the link:

It speaks of "reasonable accommodations," and in general, will give you a firmer foundation on the knowledge of the laws and protections that are afforded to you as a person with a disability. Please also note that this law, Americans with Disabilities Act, is based on the structure of civil liberties and rights, and has a long history dating back to the mid 70's with the passage of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act. Since this web site is open to faculty, students and staff, I would encourage you to refer to it at the opportune time in discussions with people who wish to learn more about the ADA, and for yourself as a refresher as situations arise in your life.

We wish you all the best in your academic journey at UH Hilo, and hope that this information will be of added knowledge to both empower you and educate you as an adult facing this new and bright world!

Best, and much aloha,
Susan Shirachi