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Post Baccalaureate DL - Secondary Teacher Education Program for Success (DL-STEPS)

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What current DL-STEPS students are saying - December 2009:

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“I learned a TON!”

“I am applying what I learned everyday in my classroom.”

“Most successful experience I have ever had.”

“I had fun with the projects.”

“I did learn a lot – with difficulty. But I learned.”

“I’m happy I took the risk.”

“I like the vision of learning side-by-side. Learned that the kids can teach us so much.”

“I shadowed a student as part of this coursework. I saw the possibility of weaving content across the curriculum.”

“I learned about my own learning style and it was an eye-opener to discover how others learn.”

“I am excited to use what I learned at my current teaching position. And that is what I am going to do over Christmas break.”

“The projects were hopping!”

“I have already shared with some of the teacher friends what I learned. And they were excited!”

“I liked the project-based learning. I learned a lot. I shared a lot.”

“It improved my teaching ability.”

“I learned how to teach to different learners.”

“This experience armed me with the knowledge and skills to further my goals as an educator.”

“I learned how to collaborate across the curriculum.”

“I have gone from inept to ready to address the challenges of the 21st Century.”

“Wonderful opportunity. Thank you.”