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Course Design

Design Your Course in Eight Easy Steps!

  1. Contact Cindy Yamaguchi ( for hybrid and Distance Learning course design support.

  2. Print out a copy of the UH Hilo Quality Online Course Design Guidelines and begin the process of planning your online course with Cindy Yamaguchi.

  3. Login to Laulima and choose the course's tab.

  4. Develop then add a Syllabus which includes contact and office hours information, university policy and service statements, course attendance and expectations, technical assistance information, and a course schedule.

  5. Add a Homepage/Welcome page to your course to provide students with important information about course requirements, tool explanations, student resources, and more.

    • This Homepage template will provide a good foundation with helpful sample text that you can modify and add to your course.

    • Samples of Laulima Homepage/Welcome pages:

Graphic Example of POLS 322 Laulima Homepage
Screenshot of Sarah MarusekÔÇÖs POLS 322 Laulima Homepage
Graphic Example of ENG 206 Laulima Homepage
Screenshot of Lauri SagleÔÇÖs ENG 206 Laulima Homepage
  1. Add Tools for course content delivery, communication, assignments, exams, and more.

  2. Two weeks prior to the semester send out an email to students with important information about your course:

  3. Using the UH Hilo Quality Online Course Design Guidelines, successfully complete the review of your online course with Cindy Yamaguchi and obtain the Quality Online Course Design Certification for your course.

For more assistance:

Laulima Fix-its and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Access helpful solutions and FAQ's from your peers - Send Cindy Yamaguchi your questions and solutions.
    • Communications - Includes giving students access to Discussions on a specific date or time.
    • Grading - Covers how to fix Gradebook so dashes don't make student grades higher.
    • PowerPoint - Includes advice on tools to deliver your PowerPoints online and fixing problems with Impaticized versions that are not working.
    • Syllabus - Covers how to get your online students to read your Syllabus.
    • Testing - Includes how to set an exam for just one student.
    • More Laulima FAQs

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