College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai

Faculty Senate Meeting October 25, 2023

College of Business and Economics Faculty Senate Meeting
Date: 10-25-2023
Subject: Faculty Senate Meeting

Attendance: Keisuke Nakao (Chair), Andrey Simonov (Vice Chair), Todd Inouye, Amirhossein Mohammadian, Sukhwa Hong, Angela Faanunu (remote), Benjamin Zenk, Deborah Hughes, Helen Tien (remote), Marcia Sakai (guest).


  1. AACSB Team’s Campus Visit on March 9-11, 2025

Chair Elias, Steve M. Fort Lewis College
Business Member Sidaoui, Mouwafac Menlo College
Business Member Stinson, Jeffrey L. University of South Carolina Upstate

  1. Student Success Leadership Team Subcommittees Nominations
Enrollment Subcommittee - Chairs
Kati McGinnis, Lei Kapono, and Norman Arancon (Todd)
Engagement Subcommittee - Chairs
Kainoa Ariola-Sukisaki, Michelle Ebersol, and Karla Hayashi
Support and Well Being - Chairs
Andrew Polloi, Ui Amantiad, and Julie Mowrer
Workplace Culture - Chairs
Jan Ray, Misty Pacheco, and Brian Wissman
  1. Approve the minutes from the two past meetings
CoBE Senate Minutes 20230920;
CoBE Senate Minutes 20231011;
CoBE T/P Guidelines approved on 10/11
Motion by Amir; Seconded by Sukhwa; Vote: 9-0-0 in favor of approval
  1. Change of CoBE TPRC Guidelines (discussion)
Original Guidelines;
Guidelines as of 2020;
Proposed Guidelines as of 10-11;
Other College's Guidelines;
Sukhwa's Proposal (for AACSB classification)

Minutes 10/25/23 PDF