College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai

Faculty Senate Meeting October 12, 2022

Attendance: Amir Mohammadian (chair), Keisuke Nakao (vice chair), Terry Jalbert, Andrey Simonov, Todd Inouye, Sijie Sun, Sukhwa Hong, Deborah Hughes, Helen Tien, Benjamin Zenk, Marcia Sakai(advisory), Jacqueline Sales-Iyo(auditing item 3), Erin Swain (auditing item 3)


  1. Approve the minutes from the prior meeting

Report: CoBE Senate Minutes 20220916.docx

Motion by Todd
Seconded by Sukhwa.

9-0-0 in favor of approval.

  1. Progress of the strategic action plan approval

Report: Strategic Action Plan_Master file_20221007.xlsx

Action: Approve the progress of the strategic action plan.
Motion by Sijie
Seconded by Todd

9-0-0 in favor of approval.

Minutes 10/12/22 (PDF)