College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai

Faculty Senate Meeting August 22, 2022

Attendance: Amirhossein Mohammadian (Chair), Nakao (Vice Chair), Terry Jalbert, Todd Inouye, Andrey Simonov, Sijie Sun, Sukhwa Hong, Angela Faanunu, Hellen Tien, Benjamin Zenk, Deborah Hughes (voting), Marcia Sakai (advisory).


Item 1. Approve the following letter to VCAA.

The CoBE Senate met on 8-22-2022 to discuss the possibility of a Dean or Director as a leader for CoBE. While we believe that a Dean is the ideal level of leadership for the College, we recognize that current circumstances are such that a Director would meet the strategic leadership needs of the College while also providing permanence to the leadership of our academic unit. We can optimistically move toward the position of Director of the College under the following arrangements:

  1. The College of Business and Economics shall continue to exist
  2. Eleven-Month Contract for the Director, and other appropriate compensation
  3. The Director shall report to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  4. Zero course teaching load per year for the Director
  5. Director shall have Budget Authority
  6. Director will have authority to allocate funds from executive education and summer school.
  7. Have a Vice Director to assist in accreditation efforts. This person should receive a one course release per semester and other appropriate compensation.
  8. One Faculty Line in addition to the two lines we currently have vacant (management and QBA).
  9. Full-time Dean’s Assistant (Jackie) stays with the College
  10. Full-time Fiscal Office (Erin) Stays with the College
  11. Student Assistants stay with the College
  12. Keep the Centralized Advising Model in the College
  13. Department Personnel Committee stays in the College
  14. The Director will be the external face of the College
  15. The college shall evaluate annually and report to the VCAA and Chancellor whether the Director’s role is sufficient to execute the strategic leadership envisioned by AACSB. If the Director’s role is found to be insufficient at the end of the Director’s term we would reconsider designating a Dean as the appropriate leadership level.
  16. We would like to broaden the search to include internal faculty and past senior CoBE faculty as candidates for the position.

Motion by Jalbert
Seconded by Sukwa
Vote: 10-0-1 in favor of approval

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes 08/22/22 (PDF)