College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai

Faculty Senate Meeting September 25, 2018

Attendance: Terry Jalbert (Chair), Keisuke Nakao (Vice Chair), Emmeline de Pillis, Kimberly Furumo, Andrey Simonov, Hellen Tien, James Czarski
Minutes: Approved 9-27-2018

Item 1:

Add the following classes to the list of electives for the Data Science certificate at the request of Bob Pelayo, who is heading up the new Data Science program. These additions will make it easier for CoBE students to obtain a Data Science certificate:

  • QBA 260 Business Statistics (3)
  • QBA 362 Mgt Information Systems (3)
  • ECON 390 Econometrics (3)
  • ECON 430 Quantitative Forecasting (3)

Motion by de Pillis
Seconded by Simonov

Vote: 7-0-0 in favor of approval

Item 2:

BBA with MIS concentration, at the request of HCC: This is a path for IS students to complete a BBA after transferring, and was formulated in cooperation with Carrie Butler from HCC and Keith Edwards from Computer Science. This would demonstrate that we are reaching out to other units (CS and HCC) to have a wider impact. The concentration would consist of our business core plus these courses:

  • ACC 350 Intermediate Acc I (3)
  • ACC 354 Business Software (PRE: ACC 350) (3)
  • MGT 425 (subs for BUS 100 and fulfills GCC) (3)

2 classes from:

  • MKT 318 Internet Marketing
  • COM 488 Seminar in Social Media
  • CS 340 Graphical User Interfaces
  • CS 350 Systems Programming
  • MGT 341 Project Management

1 of any upper-division CoBE or CS elective.

No action was taken for Item 2.

Item 3:

Proposal to Create a BBA Concentration in Professional Studies

  • 18 Credits of Upper Division Business Electives
    • 6 Business Discipline Credits (ACC, ECON, FIN, MGT, MKT, TOUR, QBA of which no more than 1 may be an econ course)
    • 12 Upper Division Credits from a Non-Business Discipline

Motion by de Pillis
Seconded by Furumo

Vote: 7-0-0 in favor of approval

Item 4:

Change the Health Care Concentration to require that all Concentration Specific Courses be at the Upper Division level.

Tabled for future discussion for Item 4.

Item 5:

Now that the "remove BUA code" motion has passed, replace "Admission to Professional Business Program" with these prereqs for upper-division CoBE courses in order to restore the protections previously provided by the BUA code:

  • 36 completed college credits (this is sophomore-and-a-half, which is where sophomores in spring would be when doing early registration for fall of their junior year)
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA

No action was taken for Item 5.

Item 6:

For all CoBE courses that use ACC 201 as prerequisite, replace ACC 201 with ACC 201 or ACC 250 as prerequisite. For all CoBE courses that use ACC 202 as prerequisite, replace ACC 202 with ACC 202 or ACC 251 as prerequisite.

Motion by Furumo
Seconded by Tien

Vote: 7-0-0 in favor of approval

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes 09/25/18 (PDF)