College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai

Faculty Senate Electronic Meeting September 13-18, 2018

OK, The motion passes by a vote of 5-1-1.
Faculty #7 and I will put together the minutes for the meeting and should have them out shortly for your approval.
All the best,
Faculty #1

I abstain from this.
Faculty #7

I vote yes to remove the BUA code.
Faculty #6

I vote no.
Faculty #1

I vote Yes to remove the BUA code.
Faculty #3

I have received your vote.
Faculty #1

I vote "yes" to remove the BUA code requirement.
Faculty #5

It seems there has been ample time for discussion, let us hold a vote on this. Please vote your preference. Electronic voting will remain open until 7:00 PM on Tuesday 9-18-2018 or until everyone has voted, whichever occurs first. A yes vote means you wish to remove the BUA code requirement. A no vote means you wish to leave the BUA code requirement as it currently stands.
Faculty #1

We have a motion and a second. Is there any further discussion before I call for the vote?
Faculty #1

I will second that motion.
Faculty #4.

Aloha All, I make a motion to remove the BUA code requirement.
Faculty #3

Mahalo Faculty #1!
Allow me to provide a little more detail:
* The BUA code is not automatic. Each semester BUA Code status has to be manually checked and entered by the department secretary.
* The BUA code blocks non-majors, such as Ag or Environmental Science majors, from taking our courses. They need to fill out an override form and get it approved in order to enroll. This also is true for business minors. Even though the catalog says prereqs are waived for business minors, the system won't do that automatically. I have to sign waivers for business minors each time they want to enroll in one of our classes.
* It has happened that for reasons unknown to me, students are blocked by a BUA Code-related error even though they appear to meet all the requirements. In these cases I have had to sign an override form for them. By the time they get to the point where we figure this out, they are understandably very frustrated
* The stack of signed overrides for fall 2018 alone is nearly an inch thick. BUA Code issues are a substantial portion of this. This sheaf of waivers represents time spent by the students, the dean's office, the registrar, and me, and the possibility of introducing human error at each step.
* I believe we can accomplish the original goals of the BUA code with course prereqs. We can have GPA requirements (as we do with ACC400/BUS400) and credits completed requirements (as we do with ACC201). We are still ahead of the October deadline, and I will be happy to enter any duly approved prereq adjustments into Kuali.
Faculty #2

Hello Everyone, I have been asked to convene a third Faculty Senate Meeting. I am convening an electronic meeting as there is only one item on the agenda. I am attaching the agenda and would entertain discussion or a motion.
All the best,
Faculty #1

EMinutes 09/13-18/18 (PDF)