College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai

Faculty Senate Electronic Meeting February 25, 2019

Item 1. Adopting a Student Code of Conduct to outline professionalism expectations.


For several years, CoBE has been working on / talking about putting together a common document outlining student professionalism expectations. The issue has recently gained urgency, so we decided that now was the time to address it.

Proposed Change:

Creating a CoBE Student Code of Conduct.


  1. To provide students a better understanding of our expectations of them and to provide faculty a better understanding of what should be expected of students.

Suggested Motion:

• Motion to adopt a student code of conduct.

  1. Motion by Emmeline Second by Helen

    Motion to amend the proposed code to remove the detailed sentence of what is not considered appropriate attire. Too problematic and unnecessary. To modify “Aloha Wear” to “Aloha Business”.

    The main motion was withdrawn by Emmeline

  2. Motion to adopt a Student Code of Conduct (As Revised)

    Motion by Emmeline
    Second by Kim

Vote 7-0-1 in favor of adopting the Student Code of Conduct (As Revised).

Members Voting: Terrance Jalbert (Chairperson), Keisuke Nakao (Vice Chairperson), Kim Furumo, Emmeline de Pillis, Andrey Simonov, James Czarski, Helen Tien, Sijie Sun

Professionalism Guidelines

The College of Business and Economics is committed to instilling a sense of professionalism and forming productive, lifelong connections among current and former students. Accordingly, students in the College of Business and Economics hold themselves to the highest standards of honor and professionalism. CoBE students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful towards all individuals (fellow students, faculty, staff, internship site personnel, community members, etc.) in all settings (on campus and in the community), involved in their education and training.

As a student in the College of Business and Economics, I agree to:

Present myself in a professional manner at all times, inside and outside the classroom, and engage in conduct appropriate to a business professional.

At internship, field trip, or other external sites, I agree to:

Arrive on time, every time.

Wear appropriate attire: this includes aloha business, business casual, or formal business attire, depending on the situation. This applies to all professional activities and events.

Treat all individuals with respect, regardless of rank or status.

Leave cell phones and other digital distractions out of sight and on vibrate or silent.

In the classroom I agree to engage in professional conduct, which includes but is not explicitly limited to the following:

Arrive on time to each class, lab or exam. I recognize that being punctual is a valuable lesson and habit to maintain. Punctuality demonstrates that I am considerate of my own schedule and the schedule of others.

Only leave the classroom when absolutely necessary. For example, if I need to use the restroom and cannot wait until class is over, have an important phone call, or another similar situation.

Always ask the instructor or exam proctor for explicit permission in the event that I need to leave the classroom during a quiz or examination.

Avoid personal conversations and distracting activities during lectures and presentations.

Keep my full attention on the classroom activity, and avoid other activities such as browsing the internet, playing video games, personal electronic communications, etc.

Leave my cellular phone switched off or on vibrate while attending class activities unless explicitly asked to do otherwise by the instructor.

Contribute to group activities and projects to the extent that I expect other members of the group to contribute.

On campus I agree to:
Treat the UH facilities and equipment, parking areas, classrooms, student lounge, break-out rooms, restrooms, patio area, etc. with respect and care. I understand that facilities and equipment are shared and must be treated accordingly.

Clean up after myself in common areas and leave shared spaces and resources no worse than I found them, and preferably better.

In sum,
I recognize that my behavior inside and outside the classroom affects how the public perceives our college and our alumni. I agree to behave in a way that honors my peers, CoBE, and affiliated organizations, sites, and stakeholders, and that reflects well upon me as a member and representative of CoBE.

E Minutes 02/25/19 (PDF)