College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai

Faculty Senate Meeting February 21, 2018

College of Business and Economics

Attendance: Kim Furumo (Chairperson), Keisuke Nakao, Tom DeWitt, Emmeline de Pillis, Jerry Calton, Kelly Burke, Gene Johnson, Terry Jalbert, Tam Vu (ex officio)

  1. Tom Dewitt made a short presentation about the Student Success and Admissions Committee. He noted the current focus of this group is helping faculty acquire low, or no- cost teaching tools.

  2. Discussion of Cengage Low Cost Books. Cost is about $119 per semester per student. The idea was tabled for further discussion.

  3. Change in course evaluation process. A new system is being rolled out to us. The system is all electronic. Guidelines will be sent to faculty for how to use the system.

  4. Emmeline de Pillis led some discussion of curriculum issues.

  1. Motion by Emmeline
    • Seconded by Terry
    • Allow Students to take Fin 220, MGT 425 or BUS 110 to fulfill the current BUS 110 requirement. This will be effective, Fall 2019 but may be implemented earlier when possible.

Vote: 7-0-0 in favor of making the change.

  1. Motion by Emmeline
    • Seconded by Jerry
    • Effective ASAP: Change existing QBA 260 requirement to “QBA 260 or Math 121”

Vote: 7-0-0 in favor of making the change.

  1. Motion by Terry
    • Seconded by Emmeline
    • Accept ENG 209, ENG 287, ENG 225 or ENG 215 as meeting the existing ENG 209 or ENG 287 requirement.

Vote 7-0-0

  1. Emmeline led a discussion on advising issues.
  2. Meeting adjourned.

Minutes 02/21/18 (PDF)