College of Business and Economics, Koleke Pāʻoihana a Kālaihoʻokele Waiwai

Faculty Senate Electronic Meeting October 10, 2018

Item 1. Revising the Business Certificate to remove the bachelor degree requirement.


We currently offer Certificates in Business Administration, Accounting, Asia Pacific Studies, Finance and International Studies. These certificates were intended to allow people from other fields who take selected courses in business to be acknowledged with a certificate.

The Business Administration Certificate, requires a prescribed group of courses and a bachelor’s degree in a non-business field.

The Accounting, Asia Pacific Studies, Finance and International Studies Certificates, require a prescribed group of courses. However, a bachelor’s degree is not required.

Proposed Change:

I recommend removing the bachelor’s degree requirement from the Business Administration Certificate.


  1. This change will make our Subject Area Certificates consistent with each other.
  2. I believe when we set up the certificates, we did not intended to have a bachelor degree requirement on any of them, and this ended up in the system by some fluke.
  3. As it currently stands, the Business Administration Certificate is substantially the same thing as our Business Minor. In fact, there is as little as a one course difference between the two.
  4. This change will allow us to offer certificates to students who have completed part of our program, but dropped out before graduating for some reason (of which I am aware there are at least a few).
  5. Our website does not indicate that a bachelor degree is required for the Business Admin Certificate. However, it is in the Star system. So there is an inconsistency.

Suggested Motion:

To remove the Bachelor degree requirement from the Business Administration Certificate.

Motion by Kim
Second by Helen

Vote 7-0-0 in favor of making the change.

Members Voting: Terrance Jalbert (Chairperson), Keisuke Nakao (Vice Chairperson), Kim Furumo, Emeline de Pillis, Andrey Smonov, James Czarski, Helen Tien

EMinutes 10/2/18 (PDF)