UH Venture Competition Semifinalists

March 9, 2023

UH Venture Team Presenting

Meet the 2023 UH Venture Competition Semifinalists

Congratulations to our 2023 UH Venture Competition Semifinalists! After being evaluated by panels of judges, these 20 teams were selected to advance to the semifinal round. Our semifinalists hail from UH Mānoa, UH Hilo, and Kapi‘olani Community College, and come from a variety of different majors including Microbiology, Molecular Biosciences & Biotechnology, Information & Computer Sciences, Marketing, Business Administration, and many others. Meet the semifinalists below!


"College Housing Made Safe."

Team Members:
Noel Coleman - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Reuben Lee - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
John "Jack" Mucciarone - Business Administration, UH Mānoa
Dominque Smith - Travel Industry Management, UH Mānoa
Alexis Zacher - Business Administration, UH Mānoa

Autonomous Outreach Solutions

“The vision is here.”

Team Members:
Alexander Walker - Molecular Biosciences & Biotechnology, UH Mānoa
Kathryn Yenish - Microbiology, UH Mānoa

Fan Fusion

Ignite school pride and boost game attendance to create an electrifying campus atmosphere.

Team Members:
Rayanne Ganiron - Business Administration, UH Hilo
Naia Manintin - Communication, UH Hilo
Maya Saneishi - Marketing, UH Hilo
Bree Severn - Marketing, UH Hilo

Genki Spark

Genki Spark is building the best predictive health diagnostics software to better identify and assess risk factors of members; empowering health organizations with actionable data.

Team Members:
Frederik Mareels - Economics, UH Mānoa
Michelle Huynh - Finance, UH Mānoa


H2OC (Helping to protect Oahu Condominiums) in collaboration with First Insurance Company of Hawaii aims to propose a viable solution to make Oahu’s condos affordable and sustainable.

Team Members:
Rockwell Adolpho - Business Administration, UH Mānoa
Edalaine Cadiena - Computer Science, UH Mānoa
Cole House - Information & Computer Sciences, UH Mānoa
Michelle Leano - Computer Science, UH Mānoa
Jeraldine Milla - Computer Engineering, UH Mānoa
Kaizlee Yoshizawa - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa


"An Authentic Cultural Travel Experience."

Team Members:
Harold Perea - Management, UH Mānoa
Wynter Ramirez - Marketing, UH Mānoa

It's Paradise

"We make candles designed and inspired by your favorite places in Hawai‘i."

Team Members:
Preston Holt - Bachelors in Business Marketing & Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Lexi Nelson - Bachelors in Business Marketing, UH Mānoa
Anya O'Connor - Political Science, UH Mānoa

Laulima Hawai‘i Botanicals

Laulima Hawaiʻi Botanicals allows anyone to sponsor a native Hawaiʻi species and interact with their contribution through innovative technology.

Team Members:
Michael Conboy - Business Administration, UH Hilo
Caroline Karson - Business Administration, UH Hilo
Branden Ono - Community Member


"Democratizing access to knowledge and building stronger communities."

Team Members:
Milan Cvetic - Community Member
Stanislava Gardasevic - Communication & Information Sciences, UH Mānoa
Valerie Iinuma - Office of Research Compliance, UH Mānoa
Colleen Milbury - Business Administration, UH Mānoa


"The eco-friendly universal paintbrush handle with interchangeable brush heads of a variety of shapes and sizes."

Team Members:
Elizabeth Bowen - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Anastasia David-Demakas - Marketing, UH Mānoa
Jessica Wielgus - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa


A food menu service that provides a convenient way to search for local restaurant menus with specific filters such as dietary restrictions and allergies.

Team Members:
Alyssia Chen - Information & Computer Sciences, UH Mānoa
Skyler Lee - Marketing, UH Mānoa
Raven Mortensen Young - Marketing, UH Mānoa
Garrison Sandberg - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa

Motion Management

A management firm that represents water sports athletes to propel their brands and careers with the intent to create impactful change in the athletic industry and Hawaiian community.

Team Members:
Devon Baldwin - Finance, UH Mānoa
Richard Jegers - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Heather Jung - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Juliana Rogers - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Joane Yu - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa


A B2C online fashion marketplace that connects people with independent designers and artists that create handmade fashion items in single quantity.

Team Members:
Aimie Katayama - Finance, UH Mānoa
Kazuki Mori - Community Member

Structural Steel Folded Frames

"A new way to build through fully integrated modular, factory assembled folding steel frames with embedded mechanical, electrical, and plumbing."

Team Members:
Trevor Allen - Business Administration, UH Mānoa
Stephen Lippert - Community Member


StyleTravel provides a unique and seamless way of building a travel itinerary to special places while saving time and money.

Team Members:
Andrew Aguilar - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Kobey Arai - Computer Science, UH Mānoa
Chaz Au - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Maiya Keawe-Costa - Business Administration, UH Mānoa
Mariana Martinez - Business Administraiton, UH Mānoa
Jan Young - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa

The Anywhere Squeegee

"Changing tennis court squeegees from cumbersome to convenient."

Team Members:
Alexander Oshita - Finance, UH Mānoa
Edward Shepherd Johnson - Finance, UH Mānoa

The Study Block

A comfortable café & co-working space in one.

Team Members:
Britney Cabuhat - Marketing, UH Mānoa
Dylan Holmes - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Angelica Murro - Business Administration, UH Mānoa
Alisa Ozaki - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Daniella Pasion - Business Administration, UH Mānoa


Bridging Veterans from Recovery Centers to Society.

Team Members:
Isabel Goetchius - Business Administration, UH Mānoa
Joshua McDade - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Kala‘i Pomroy - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Isaiah Shizuru - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa
Tanner Weeks - Entrepreneurship, UH Mānoa

YAMA Spearfishing

YAMA spearfishing is a company devoted to ocean safety, we seek to provide a new and innovative model of the traditional wetsuit that has the technology to keep our customers safe from drowning.

Team Members:
Madelyn Blandford - Business Administration, UH Hilo
Evan La Rochelle - Finance, UH Hilo
Taylor Moniz - Business Administration, UH Hilo
Ngiratkel Singeo - Business Administration, UH Hilo
James Yamasaki - Business Administration, UH Hilo

Zingipop Sodaworks

Zingipop Sodaworks is a 100% locally sourced craft soda company dedicated to supporting agriculture in Hawai'i.

Team Members:
Amelia Stucker - Entrepreneurship, Kapi‘olani Community College
Adam Sullivan - Community Member

Congratulations once again to our semifinalists! We look forward to seeing your next steps in this competition. A big mahalo to our title sponsor, American Savings Bank, and our prize sponsors for making all of this possible. Another mahalo goes out to the 28 judges who took the time to examine, score, and provide feedback to the teams!

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