Alumni Dispatches: Andrew and Rachael Misitano

November 14, 2019

Andrew and Rachael Misitano

We asked CoBE alumni to tell us what they’re up to and how they’re using what they learned in the College of Business and Economics.

Andrew Misitano (Bachelor of Business Administration, 2009) was born and raised on the Big Island. He decided on UH Hilo because of the reputation and value, and the ability to stay close to friends & family. He majored in Business because of the diversity of subject matter to study, and the career options he would have upon graduation. During his studies, Andrew found himself drawn to the technical side of business in topics as MIS, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing.

Andrew’s girlfriend (now wife) Rachael was at UH Hilo pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Rachael was a fellow Big Island native, who like Andrew saw the value in getting her undergraduate degree close to home. She planned to pursue an advanced degree in Nursing upon graduation from UH Hilo.

When they graduated in 2009/2010, Andrew and Rachael kicked off their careers with a 2-year stint in the Midwest, working at the renowned Mayo Clinic medical center. Deciding they preferred warmer weather and less distance from the Pacific Ocean, they moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Andrew would go on to Google. For the past 5.5 years he has worked in Analyst and Program Management roles within the Google Ads and YouTube product areas. Rachael has been with Stanford Healthcare for 6 years starting as an inpatient RN and working her way up to the Manager of Stanford’s Cardiovascular Health Clinics. Along the way, Rachael earned her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees from the University of San Francisco.

Andrew Misitano "My time at Google has been amazing and it has given me the opportunity to continue learning, to travel, and work with cutting-edge technologies" Andrew says, "but we're hoping to make the transition back home to Hawaii when the right opportunities arise. We’ve realized that the chaotic Bay Area/Silicon Valley lifestyle isn't for us in the long term”. He adds, “Rachael and I enjoy strolling through campus whenever we visit home, and we’re always championing our great experiences at UH Hilo to friends and family. You’re surrounded by a lot of really smart and successful people in the Bay Area, so it makes you proud to represent your home and UH Hilo and know that you can excel anywhere in the world with a UH education”.

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